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Where the Stars Live:

* (an asterisk designates a business or attraction which has closed.)

Where the Stars Dine, Part I: (Restaurants Owned by Stars):

Where the Stars Dine, Part II: (Favorite Restaurants of the Stars):

Where the Stars Meet the Public (Special Hollywood Events):

The Hollywood Award Ceremonies:

Where the Stars Shop:

Where YOU Can Shop for the Stars:

Where the Stars Play:

The Hollywood Movie Studios:

The Television Studios:

Studios Tours:

How To Get FREE Tickets to TV Tapings:

Movie Locations (places where your favorite movies were filmed):

Merlotte's Bar & Grill
The Junkyard Trial
The Bon Temps Cottages
Godric's Rooftop
Big Patty's Pie House
The Hotel Carmella
The Bon Temps Police Station
The Fellowship of the Sun Church
The Light of Day Camp
Jessica's Family Home
Maryann's Mansion
Crawdad's Restaurant
Descendants of the Glorious Dead
Miss Jeanette's Day Job
The Tire Shop
The Jackson Hotel
The Monroe Aquarium
Queen Sophie-Anne's Mansion
Sookie's House
Hoyt & Jessica's New House
The Moongoddess Emporium
The Fairy Battle
The Punk Club
The Bellefleur Mansion
Marcus' Motorbike Garage
The Festival of Tolerance

The Authority headquarters
The Governor's mansion

Seeing Stars On Stage:

Schools of the Stars:

Churches of the Stars:

Hotels of the Stars:

Where the Stars Died:

Where the Stars Are Buried (indexed by stars' last names):

Where the Stars Are Buried, part II:

Where the Stars are Immortalized:

Hollywood Museums:

Hollywood Landmarks:

Hollywood Movie Palaces:

Famous Hollywood Streets:

How YOU Can Be A Star (for 15 minutes):

Star Indexes:

Photo Index: a List of the Original Photos on this Website
Take a virtual/photo tour of Hollywood and Southern California

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* asterisk designates a business or attraction which has closed.

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