Bette Midler's Hollywood

Where Bette Has Lived:

Stars' Addresses

Special Events Where She Has Appeared:

The Emmy Awards
The Golden Globe Awards
The Motion Picture Ball (Cinematheque)
The Academy Awards show
Movie Premieres

Restaurants & Clubs Where Bette's Been Seen:

El Floridita
Twin Palms

Where She Shops in L.A.:

The Malibu Colony Plaza
Fred Segal
Her Hairdresser

Where Ms. M Has Performed on Stage in L.A.:

The Staples Center
The Universal Amphitheatre
The Troubadour

L.A. Locations Where She Made Movies:

Newport Bay ("Beaches")
TV Locations ("Gypsy")
Locations - 1980's ("Down & Out in Beverly Hills")
Photo of the "Down & Out" House
The Beverly Center ("Scenes From a Mall")

Studios Where She Made Movies:

Warner Bros Studios
Disney Studios ("Down and Out in Beverly Hills," "Ruthless People," "Outrageous Fortune," Big Business," "Scenes From a Mall," "Hocus Pocus")
20th Century Fox Studios ("The Rose," "For the Boys")
MGM Studios ("Jinxed," "Get Shorty")
Paramount Studios ("The First Wives Club")
Sony Studios ("Bette" TV series)

Where She's Been Immortalized:

Movieland Wax Museum
The Hollywood Walk of Fame (6922 Hollywood Blvd)

The Grave of Gypsy Rose Lee, whose life story
       inspired Bette's TV movie "Gypsy":

Inglewood Memorial Park
Photo of Gypsy's grave

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