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General Disclaimers

Disclaimers about Images

I (Gary Wayne, the creator of this website) assume that all of the images and graphics used on this website are public domain (with the exception of my own original photos & graphics).  But as we all know, in the nebulous, free-wheeling world of the Internet, such matters are not always crystal clear. If you see any images which you feel should not be here, please email me immediately at webmaster@seeing-stars.com, and the offending image will be promptly removed.

The images on this website fall into three general categories:

1.  Original images, photos, titles, animations, and other graphics which were created by me (Gary Wayne), and are protected under U.S. copyright law. Most of my original photos are featured on separate "image pages," containing large versions of the photos which are accessed by clicking on smaller versions of the same photo on the main pages of the Seeing Stars website.

2.  Advertising graphics, company logos, public relations photos, studio publicity shots, sample sound clips, movie clips, etc., which were originally used for advertising/public relations purposes on the Internet or elsewhere; these images have been incorporated into this website in a similar fashion to the way they were originally used, that is, to publicize and promote the original celebrity, movie, television show, business, or individual. As such, I assume that the rs, studios and businesses involved will not object to the beneficial use of this material.
If anyone does object, please contact me at webmaster@seeing-stars.com, and the graphic in question will be immediately removed.

Disclaimers About Celebrities, Businesses & Endorsements

Seeing Stars is a web-based magazine, and the photos of celebrities and Hollywood businesses are used strictly as a means of illustrating the online articles about those same subjects. Seeing Stars is not affiliated with any of the celebrities or any of the businesses covered in its (web) pages. The photos are in no way meant to constitute an endorsement (of either this website or of any business mentioned in the articles) by the star or by any business featured in the article. Newspapers and magazines (web-based or traditional) depend upon advertising for their financial support - but obviously the presence of a photo of a celebrity (or business) for editorial purposes on the pages of this or any other magazine should never be interpreted as an endorsement by that celebrity (or business) of any product or business which happens to in the magazine.

In a similar fashion, this magazine lists reported sightings of celebrities at various locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area, in an attempt to enlighten readers about which local spots are (or have been) frequented by celebrities in the past, to give readers better understanding of the Hollywood environs. These celebrity sightings were gleaned from various news media, including major newspapers, magazines, television news, newswires, TV entertainment news programs, books, gossip columns, personal sightings and reports on the Internet. Photos of relevant stars are used to illustrate these articles, but such spottings should not be interpreted to mean that the celebrity endorses those places where he (or she) has reportedly been seen, or that he (or she) continues to patronize them beyond the single time when he (or she) was reportedly spotted there. They are in no way meant to be considered endorsements by the star(s) of those establishments. Such reportsare provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied, for the information provided.

If anyone objects to the use of a particular stars' photo in relation to a particular article, please email me immediately at webmaster@seeing-stars.com, and I will promptly remove the offending image.

Likewise, if anyone spots a factual error in any of these articles and would like to see it corrected, email me immediately at webmaster@seeing-stars.com and I will promptly correct the mistake.

3.  Public domain graphics, such as clip-art and assorted buttons, bars, backgrounds and animated gifs, which are widely distributed for free use on various Internet web-authoring sites.  It is assumed that all such graphics are indeed public domain, but since such graphics are passed around freely between sites, it is not always possible to trace them back to their original source.  It is, I suppose, possible for copyrighted material to inadvertently end up on public domain sites.  If you see a graphic or image on this website which is not public domain, and which should not be here, please contact me at webmaster@seeing-stars.com, and the graphic in question will be immediately removed.

Some public domain graphic artists request that a (text) name credit or site link be included if their graphic is used for free; I have tried to accommodate such requests when I encounter them. But since images are so freely distributed throughout the Net, such requests for credit are sometimes lost in transit between distribution sites.  If you see a graphic which is public domain, and which you have created, but for which you had requested an on-page credit (or site link) in return, and that credit does not appear, email me at webmaster@seeing-stars.com, state your request (and the original site where the graphic can be found) and the name credit or link request will be promptly added, or else the graphic will be removed.

I would like to thank all of the creative, generous public domain artists who have contributed graphic images to the vast public domain collections found on the Internet. Without your buttons, bars, backgrounds, animated gifs and other assorted goodies, the Net would be a much less colorful environment.

Gary Wayne
creator of the Seeing Stars website

Disclaimers about Maps

Most of the maps used on this website are provided via the Yahoo Maps free service, via links to the Yahoo Maps pages. While generally accurate, these maps are not completely free from error, and should not be entirely depended upon by readers. Also, since I have to personally type in every addresses to be mapped, and since I'm only human, chances are that I will make an occasional typo which could result in calling up the wrong map from Yahoo. Be sure to double check all addresses and locations. These maps and map references are provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied, for the information provided. If you spot any error in either the Yahoo map listings, or in my personal maps, please notify me immediately by email at, and I will do my best to correct the problem.


Readers should also be aware that Los Angeles/Orange County is a megaopolis, with all of the dangers inherent to any big city. Likewise, there are high-crime neighborhoods within the area which should either be avoided entirely or visited only with extreme caution. But crime happens in even the best of neighborhoods, and reasonable caution should be used at all times. When listing locations which I know to be in high-crime neighborhoods, I have made an effort to note this in the article (via an asterisk and a footnote,) but in a city the size of greater Los Angeles, it is not possible for me to be aware of all dangers inherent in all parts of the city. I do not purport to be an expert on the crime rates of any given neighborhood in Southern California, and you should not depend upon me or this website for advice about which neighborhoods are safe to visit. As such, comments about the safety (or lack of) of areas are provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied. Lack of a warning should not be interpreted to mean that the location is necessarily in a "safe" neighborhood (if such a thing even exists). And a listing of a location on this website does not in any way guarantee that it is a safe place to visit. You assume all risk & responsibility for your personal safety if you choose to go there.


For the readers' convenience, I have tried to include driving directions for each of the numerous locations written about on this website. But bear in mind that I am a single human being, and I am not infallible. I have made every effort to make sure that my directions are accurate. But like anyone else, I almost certainly will occasionally make mistakes when giving directions, and readers should not depend entirely upon my directions. As such, my directions are provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied, about their accuracy. So take them as you would any other driving suggestion from any other person - do not follow them blindly. To be on the safe side, assume that they just might be flawed. Be sure to double check with other maps or check by phoning the location and asking for directions before you embark (phone numbers are also provided for most locations). I am not responsible for any problems caused by following the driving directions provided on this website.

Disclaimer about Links to Other Sites

Seeing Stars accepts no responsibility for the content on external sites linked from this page. The links are provided "as is" with no warranty, express or implied, for the information provided within them.

General Disclaimers

The information on this web side is intended for entertainment purposes only, and to offer readers a richer appreciation of Hollywood, its history, and its celebrity citizens past & present. No information provided here is intended as an endorsement of any business or individual, nor should any information provided on this website be used in any way to harass, inconvenience or intrude on the privacy of the celebrities mentioned here. Particular care and sensitivity should be used regarding the homes, churches, schools and cemeteries of the stars listed here. While many stars do not mind signing an autograph during a public appearance, under no circumstances should anyone trespass on the private property of these people, knock on their doors or otherwise bother them while they are at home or going about other personal or family business. Likewise, obvious discretion is required when visiting churches and cemeteries, which should be treated with the upmost respect. Churches listed here are best viewed from afar, or during the work week when services are not in progress. Under no circumstances should anyone approach or disturb churchgoers or mourners in any way. Never follow a celebrity, either on foot or in your car (there are too many crazies out there, and stars can't be sure you're not one of them - you could easily end up being detained by the police.)

In short, use common sense, and try to treat celebrities the way you'd want to be treated if you were in their place. This is, after all, where the stars live. It is their home. If they can't relax and be comfortable here in L.A., where can they? They are human beings, just like you and I, and they don't want to be bothered every time they step outside. So be cool. Enjoy your star-sightings from a respectable distance, but consider the feelings of these people before you intrude into their space. Consider how you would feel in their place, and act accordingly.

You acknowledge that any reliance upon any such opinion, advice, Statement or information shall be at your sole risk.

Seeing-Stars.com (and its creator, Gary Wayne) makes no warranty regarding the Seeing-Stars.com website or any content, services or products provided through or in connection with the Seeing-Stars.com website. Seeing-Stars.com expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation any warranties as to the availability, accuracy, completeness or content of information or services which are part of the Seeing-Stars.com website.

In no event will Seeing-Stars.com, its owner, affiliates, licensors, employees, agents or contractors be liable to you for any damages or losses, including without limitation indirect, consequential, special, incidental or punitive damages resulting from or caused by the Seeing-Stars.com website, or its content or any errors or omissions in its content, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Nor shall Seeing-Stars.com be liable for the actions of any third party taken as a result of anything read or seen on the Seeing-Stars website.

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