Seeing Stars: Where the Movies Were Shot (on Location)

Part I

  • Remember Michelle Pfeiffer crooning atop that baby grand piano in 1989's "THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS"? That famous scene was filmed at the Cinegrill nightclub at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, just across the street from Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

    Other movies on location shot at the Roosevelt Hotel include 1990's "INTERNAL AFFAIRS" (with Richard Gere), 1987's "BEVERLY HILLS COP II" (with Eddie Murphy), and numerous TV shows such as "KNOTT'S LANDING" and Cybill ShepherdBruce Willis' series "MOONLIGHTING."

  • In 1989's "AN INNOCENT MAN," Tom Selleck's character is sent to prison on a trumped-up drug charge. Near the end of the film, he and the cops stage a fake drug-buy in a parking lot, to nab the bad guys. That lengthy, night time scene (and the subsequent shoot-out) was filmed in and around Shoreline Village (407 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach), a themed shopping center near the Aquarium of the Pacific and across the bay from the Queen Mary. This same parking lot was used for a skateboarding scene in the 1995 movie "CLUELESS."

  • The home of the eccentric "Doc" Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) in 1989's "BACK TO THE FUTURE" (starring Michael J. Fox) was none other than the famous Gamble House (4 Westmoreland Place) in Pasadena. A landmark of Craftsman architecture, the Gamble House is open to the public for tours.  [Buy the movie]

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  • Remember Bruce Willis in the original "DIE HARD" (1988)? Remember the exploding skyscraper, which had been taken over by terrorists? That was the Fox Plaza tower (at 2121 Avenue of the Stars) in Century City. The 34-story tower is still very much intact, thanks to the special effects boys. (Incidentally, the 19th floor of the Fox Tower houses the offices of attorney Robert Shapiro, who represented O.J. Simpson during his murder trial.) [Buy the movie]

  • At the end of the 1987 comedy "INNERSPACE," Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan get married, and are shown exiting from a beautiful glass church in the hills. That scene was shot at the famous Wayfarer's Chapel (5755 Palos Verdes Drive South), in Rancho Palos Verdes. (And of course, Dennis and Meg are married in real life, too!) [Buy the Movie]

  • If you drive along the coast in downtown Long Beach, you may recognize the circular tower at the southeast corner of Ocean Boulevard & Shoreline Drive/Alamitos Ave. It's not just that the International City Tower somewhat resembles the Capitol Records building; this round apartment building was featured in the opening scene of Mel Gibson's original "LETHAL WEAPON" (1987), where a drugged-out young woman jumps to her death from an upper-floor balcony.
  • You'll find it at 700 E. Ocean Blvd, in Long Beach. (Incidentally, that young woman went on to play Woody's girlfriend, Kelly, in the TV series "Cheers.")

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