Part 2

Actual Southern California locations where 2004's "Collateral" was filmed.

While Max is tied to the cab's steering wheel in an alley, Vincent goes upstairs to a glass-walled apartment
for another murder, at what is supposed to be the Fountain address. . However, from the glass walls of
the apartment, you can see the entire downtown Los Angeles skyline - up close.
This was obviously shot from somewhere in downtown L.A., and definitely not from Fountain or Koreatown...
I'm told it was shot at "a hotel on South Flower Street." which almost certainly means
The Standard hotel at 550 S. Flower, in downtown L.A. .

Vincent then makes Max drive him to a jazz club called Daniel's, described as being
"in Leimert Park, off Crenshaw". And that's just where the latter scene was shot.

The interior shots of the club were probably done on a set. But after Vincent has shot Daniel,
and Max staggers outside in shock, those exterior scenes on the street (where Vincent throws
Max on the cab and threatens him) were filmed right in front of Cheerio's bar (a cocktail lounge),
at 4333 Leimert Blvd. (between 43rd Street and 43rd Place), in Leimert Park.

[Caution: while the Leimert Park neighborhood is fine, some of
the surrounding neighborhoods have high-crime problems.]

Next, Vincent makes Max drive to the "El Rodeo" club, where he forces Max
to pretend that he is Vincent and go into the club to retrieve a lost computer card.
There actually is an "El Rodeo", but it's a night club/Mexican restaurant, not a gangster hangout.
The El Rodeo restaurant is located at 8825 E. Washington Blvd, in the Pico Rivera area of East L.A.

This location is a bit "off the map" for this movie. Most of the other locations are within a relatively
tight radius of downtown L.A. But this restaurant is located far out east, a good eleven miles east
of downtown L.A., near the cities of Downey. Montebello and Santa Fe Springs.

Vincent then forces Max to accompany him to the "Fever" nightclub in Koreatown.
The exteriors for "Fever" were filmed at an actual nightclub called "Bliss", which is
located in "Chapman Market", an historic old shopping/dining strip mall off Wilshire Blvd,
at 3465 W. 6th Street, #200, near Koreatown.

(For the interior shots, they duplicated "Bliss" on a movie set,
but enlarged it to seven times its actual size.).

After the bloody shoot-out at "Fever", Max has finally had enough. He speeds up his cab
and deliberately causes a spectacular car crash, sending his taxi flipping out of control.

This crash scene was shot near the Staples Center, on Figueroa Street, just north of 11th Street.

The taxi is heading NORTH on Figueroa as he passes 11th Street,
and the wrecked taxi comes to a rest at Figueroa & Olympic.
(When his car is flipping, he's passing Olympic Blvd.)

The Holiday Inn, which is visible in the background, is located at 1020 S. Figueroa St.
The Hotel Figueroa (the building with the blue football murals) is located at 939 S. Figueroa.

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