Calendar: a list of upcoming events where you can see celebrities in person, including movie premieres, Walk of Fame ceremonies, books signings, concerts, special appearances, etc. Send fan mail to your favorite star.
The Hollywood Sign, the Capitol Records Building, Grauman's Chinese... the places that say Hollywood to the world. Get an inside look at Hollywood's major movie studios with these special guided tours.
Hundreds of actual locations around Southern California where your favorite movies & TV shows were filmed - including map links. A list of Southern California restaurants that are owned by Hollywood celebrities.
Hollywood's treasures on display at these Southern California museums - from the Warner Bros. museum to the Museum of Television. Something for everybody. Celebrity games & sporting events... and all the hot celebrity night clubs.
Hollywood Boulevard, The Sunset Strip... Maps and guides to Hollywood's hottest streets. Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Bel-Air... the neighborhoods of the stars.
The Oscars, the Emmys, the American Music Awards... how you can be there to see the stars arrive at these special events. From the Hotel Bel-Air to the Four Seasons - the favorite hotels of the stars.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Cinerama Dome, the El Capitan... the grand movie palaces of Hollywood and their history. The favorite restaurants of Hollywood's elite. Dine with the stars.
The favorite stores, malls and shopping centers of Hollywood's top stars. Where was Elizabeth Taylor married? Where did Bing Crosby and Rudolph Valentino go to church? The history of Hollywood's favorite churches.
Get free tickets to the tapings of your favorite TV shows. Ever wonder where your favorite star went to school?
Paramount, Universal, MGM, Columbia, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros... learn about all of the major Hollywood studios where movie magic is made. ABC, CBS, NBC... learn all about the TV studios of Hollywood.
Places where you might find your favorite star up on stage. Parades, festivals, conventions and other events where Hollywood celebrities appear in person.
Where in L.A. did Marilyn Monroe die? How about Janis Joplin? Or John Belushi? Find out here. A guide to the L.A. cemeteries where the greatest names in Hollywood history are buried.
Footprints in cement. Stars in the sidewalk. Statues. Memorials. Places where Hollywood salutes its heroes.
See where you might find some of your favorite stars.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hollywood and Celebrities in Southern California,
with an emphasis on seeing celebrities in person.
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