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Where the Stars stay in L.A.

These are the hotels that have made Hollywood history - hotels where stars stay when they visit L.A.; hotels where legendary stars lived and romanced; hotels where some of them died; Hollywood hotels where the Big Annual Events take place; even hotels you've seen featured in your favorite movies - in short, the hotels of the stars...

Which hotel was featured in Clint Eastwood's "In the Line of Fire"? Which hotel hosts the annual Golden Globe Awards? Where did the Singer Midgets stay while they filmed "The Wizard of Oz"? What hotel was home to both Elvis Presley and John Lennon?

Where did Shirley Temple learn to tap dance on the hotel staircase? Where did John Belushi die? Where did Gable and Lombard honeymoon? Where does the President stay when he's in town?

The answers to those questions, and more, are all here...

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