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"Dear Seeing Stars:

I just wanted to write and say a huge THANK YOU to this wonderful web site. I just returned home from L.A. the other day and this website was so instrumental in helping me plan my trip to Hollywood.

Going to Hollywood has always been my dream and you helped it come true. The information you provided was extremely helpful and made my trip absolutely fulfilling. Keep up the good work and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Frank

Hello Seeing-Stars!

My family just returned from a trip to California-four days in Hollywood, three in San Diego. Since San Diego was supposed to be more about relaxation than tourist attractions for us, I wanted to make sure we saw a lot of good stuff in L.A.

I found your site through a Google search. You guys are great! I used your studio tour reviews to choose the Warner Brothers VIP tour. Not only was our tour guide (a college kid named Ryan) extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable, the price was pretty reasonable, and we saw a ton of cool stuff, including a bunch of celebrities (including, but not limited to, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Lauren Graham from "Gilmore Girls"). I also checked out your restaurant guide, and my family ended up eating at The Ivy. We wanted to eat there more for its history and star-spotting, but I have to say, the service and the food were both excellent. While there we spotted Pharell Williams dining with his entourage (he was super-sweet to a girl who asked him for a picture, also), Bai Ling, and Carrie Ann Moss.

We did stay at one of your "hotels of the stars," although we had that booked before I discovered your site. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was awesome. The staff was very accommodating (especially Michelle, the concierge, who booked our reservation at The Ivy), and the hotel itself was beautiful and very centrally located.

All in all, your site helped make our trip very enjoyable. I want to thank you for your help in planning our vacation. Every vacation spot should have a website like yours!

Sincerely, Kim

I love your website. I look at it a lot. I actually found out about "The Break-Up" premiere through it. And because of that I got to meet Vince Vaughn (who is my favorite actor!)... So thank you =)

I also met Justin Long at that premiere and he said we should go to the premiere for his movie out in August... Thanks again!

- Michelle

Thank you very very much! My dream came true because of you, and I am so glad I went to L.A. to see Tom Cruise (at the "Mission Impossible III" premiere). And I am so happy that I now have a picture with Tom Cruise. I don't know how to tell you how happy I am. I will never forget and always remember you helping me go to Los Angeles!

My best regards from San Francisco, I wish you all the best, good health and may God bless you always.

- Andrew.

You are so awesome! Thank you so much for the info. Our girls are so excited about this trip and I just found out yesterday that I got them tickets to "So You Think You Can Dance". They cannot wait to get to L.A., and your website has really helped me plan the trip!

Thanks Again, Teresa

Your web site is the greatest of its kind on the web & I have gone to it many many times in last several years now!

Thank you again, Daryl

I just wanted to say hi. We are having a great time and I can't wait to show you the pics we took today when [the stars of] "The Producers" got their star [on the Hollywood Walk of Fame]. Sarah Jessica Parker was there too and so was Mel Brooks. In fact, my boyfriend was able to get Mel's autograph! He was thrilled. We both were photographers today. He had my Digital and I had my regular camera.

Thanks again for all your help. Tomorrow is People's Choice Awards. Can't wait! :)

- Tara

Hi, my name's Cara and I love the site.

I'm working in Hollywood for the summer and loving it. I went to your site and already met Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and have seen tons of other celebrities because of the site : )

Thanks!  Cara

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the amazing information you guys provide.

Thanks to your website I was in the crowd at the "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" premiere, where I not only got to see all the red-carpet arrivals and John C Reilly, himself, perform as Dewey Cox, but was also picked out of the crowd to enter the theater and watch the movie with it's stars.

I even got to meet Jonah Hill ("Superbad") and Jenna Fischer ("The Office") after the premiere, both of whom obliged autograph requests. Thank you,, for putting me in the right place at the right time for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. - Andrew S.

Hello, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much my wife and I enjoy your webpage.

We are from Canada and recently took a trip to Long Beach to visit family and we used your website to plan our whole trip.

We went to all of the touristy things, but never would have found half of the other cool places, such as filming locations, without the help of your site. Thank-you so much.

We saw something every day that we were there and your website made our trip a non-stop adventure. Keep up the great work!

From one film buff to another, Thank-you. Mike.

I just want to thank you for your great, ever improving website!

It has been a great resource for two visits to Southern California so far, and next week, I am going again!

Keep up the great work!! All the best from Dublin - Sam

I utilized your website when I went to L.A. for the Emmy Awards. We had a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed your website's many details!

It truly IS unique -- you have really done your homework! I tell my friends, I am a news and entertainment junkie, so I'll probably check out your website again and again, even though I'm not even planning to go to LA!

Scary, huh?!!

Thanks again - Maureen

My elderly parents are coming to town, and in order to plan their first trip out to my new home in L.A., I've been weeding through travel books and tourist center brochures BUT nothing is as helpful as your site.

Your descriptions, your maps, your links are so easy to follow and so wonderful that I just had to take a moment to thank you for all your work. You have relieved a lot of stress that comes with planning a visit.

Bless you bless you. I mean it. Anita

This is the website I have been dreaming of the whole time I've been living in Southern California!

I am from Sacramento and attending school at CSU Long Beach. I plan on using this website for every outing I go on so that I do not miss an opportunity to see my favorite actors. Thank you!

Sincerely, Jamie

Just got back to Australia from a month in LA.

I have to say your website is just amazing - from the info on your website I got to meet Anthony Hopkins at the [Chinese Theatre] footprint ceremony, attended the American Music Awards, met Julia Stiles at the premiere of "Save the Last Dance", met Lou Ferrigno & Corey Feldman at the Hollywood Collectors convention - so thanks for the info you provide on your site! I also met Carol Kane at the Writers Guild Theatre when I went to see "Traffic" there and got to spend the day on the set of "7th Heaven" and met the actors (who are all such cool people).

Thanks again. I love your site!! !- Kyall

Greetings from Alaska!

I just wanted to take a minute to compliment you on your web site. My 2 children & I plan to be in L.A. in October of this year. I've been there before and really enjoyed myself. But this time, I'm bringing the kids and my time is far more limited, therefore, I have been doing some research on the web. We are really interested in exploring the celebrity aspect of our long weekend and luckily, I stumbled upon your website. Your site is very comprehensive and speaks in layman's terms. And really seems to come from the perspective of the out of town visitor. I have bookmarked your page & I plan to develop our itinerary from that. So once again, I say kudos.

- Teresa

Your site is so wonderful. It should be available to EVERY visitor that comes to our city. The televisions of the Holiday Inn and the Roosevelt should have your site on touch-screen monitors, in every lobby as well as the guest rooms. There is SO MUCH valuable information, and all of it is well researched and honest. I should know, I have lived here all my 42 years. - John

I never got to go to Hollywood, but I got the next best thing when I took the virtual tour via your site.

I've spent hours at your site. I think I have read almost every word and gazed at every picture. I've been through all the cemeteries and found some interesting and surprising things. I will visit it again and again. I hope you realize what your site has done for people like me who dreamed all their lives of seeing Hollywood but could not go.

Thank you. - Mary Ann

I am so grateful for all the time and effort you have put into recreating part of our history. I think a lot of people feel like I do, which is very thankful.

In a sense, we feel these people were part of our own lives; where we could go and be involved with their lives and live their dreams.

I have always been a movie buff, but in 1994 I suffered a accident with my back which left me bed ridden for six months. What kept me going was watching movies - especially earlier movies. They may not be realistic but they certainly soothe the mind and soul.

I can not thank you enough for what you have done for my interest and at times well being.

I am really proud of you!  I am sure there are other people out there that feel the same way.

To a very special person, thank you.

Don't forget what you have given, it is priceless.


I'm coordinating the state delegation to the National Convention [in L.A.] in August and was doing research for a "Hollywood Tour" when I ran across your site. What a terrific source of information! You really seem to know it all...ever thought about giving tours yourself?

Thanks for all the great stuff! - Jill

I want to comment on what an excellent site you have! Its terribly interesting and quite fascinating to thumb through all the facts and photos.

As an actor who grew up in Southern California, it’s especially interesting for me to read all the detailed information you have within the site. "Seeing-Stars in Hollywood" has brought my attention to many places I've always wanted to know more about. As an example, finding the "Happy Days" house located on Cahuenga, and seeing Venice High School where they shot the outside scenes at the beginning of the movie "Grease." Some of the places listed in "Seeing-Stars in Hollywood" I've actually worked at or near. which makes it even more interesting for me.

Your site has all the tidbits, photos, and facts that have made it the most enjoyable web site for me to visit... as I'm quite sure it has for many other web surfers. I always look forward to seeing what's new within the site, but it'll take me many many weeks to even get through it all now.

I look forward to visiting your site again and again......Its nice to see excellent work that relates to what I'm most interested in.

- Sean

You have a GREAT website!

Your site is excellent! I've seen thousands, and yours is really well done. Great documentation, interesting, and a pleasure to peruse. Thanks for your much appreciated hard work!

- Greg

I just wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying your Seeing-Stars site. I am one of those rare creatures who was born in Hollywood and has a great interest in your site and Hollywood history... I come from a family of actors: my father was in early movies and my uncle was Milburn Stone... Your site attempts to fill a great void and I am very appreciative of all you are trying to do to inform folks about what Hollywood was in years gone by, and what it remains today.

A visit to your site always brings back fond memories of my childhood, including visiting movie lots, chatting with celebrities, and hearing my father and mother recounting stories of many of their actor friends. I am looking forward to even more great things at your site... You should feel really good about what you are doing to help inform folks about this most fascinating of places. Again, thanks for putting together such a wonderful site.

Best wishes - Bill

I just came back from a trip to California -- my first trip to Los Angeles. I cannot thank Seeing Stars enough for all the helpful information that you provided on your website.

On the suggestion of your website I went to the Warner Brothers VIP studio tour and it was really great. I might have wasted money on another studio tour if I had not seen your website and the good review that you gave WB. I also was able to go to a taping of the Tonight Show by using the ticket information provided on the site. And finally I was able to see some stars in person at a movie premiere that I learned about on the Seeing Stars website. Jason Alexander, Rene Russo and Robert De Niro were just a few. Thank you also for providing detailed driving information on how to get a good view of such a famous Hollywood landmark as the Hollywood Sign.

If I ever go back to L.A. I will be sure to find your website again.

Thank you Seeing Stars....Michelle - Charleston, WV

Dude you f***in' rock!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to find out where that building [from "Wonder Woman"] is for over a year now and you just completely rocked my world!

You Rock man!


I accidentally came upon your "Seeing Stars" web site today and just wanted to tell you how impressed I am. I’m a bit of a Hollywood/LA buff and have read many books and guides and found that yours is among the most comprehensive I've read. I've visited many of the studios, theaters, hotels, clubs, museums, and cemeteries you listed and have to agree with some of the points you brought across. Especially the tour of Paramount, it was right on target.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your web site. How ever did you have a chance to come up with all of that information? It's a real job!! I read a lot of it with interest because I love visiting L.A. and have visited many, many of the places you suggested. The photos are great too.

You should publish your web site in book format and sell it; it's a lot better than the other stuff out there! - Karin

You've done a great job on your new website of Hollywood! It should quickly become "THE" site to refer to when both the Internet and Hollywood are mentioned.

Thanks for the great contribution to the Web. - Rick

Thank you for a wonderful, funny, clever site. - Jeanine

Thank you so much for this wonderful site. I'm planning a trip to Los Angeles/Hollywood area for the last week of March, and your site helped me come up with stuff to do for my eight days out there. - Keri

This website is wonderful!

It's all the information I've ever wanted in one place!  -  SD

I just happened to come across your website and have to tell you that it's absolutely incredible! Makes me wish I lived in California to take advantage of all the excitement!
- Linda

I want to thank you for producing the most thorough guide to the film and television studios of Los Angeles I have found. This January, I will be bringing a group of 29 college students to tour LA for 11 days as part of a course I teach in TV and Film History. Your guide has been extremely helpful in preparing for the trip. - Jeff

I just recently found your website, and I found it to be very very helpful!

I actually went to the premiere of the movie "The Perfect Score", and I had a blast!  I went to the premiere with my boyfriend, and we had a great time! I met people like Seth Green, Kenan Thompson, Matthew Lillard, Amy Davidson, Cindy Margolis, and a bunch of other people..! It was such an experience! I really enjoyed it, and I had a very great time.

I had such an awesome time! I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks to you for your great website! It gives plenty of info and I appreciate everything... I just wanted to thank you so much, because I never hear about any of these events until after they happen, and your site lets me know ahead of time so I can attend the event if I want! Thanks so much.

Take Care, and thanks for your time! - Kristy

This is the best web site I have ever seen. Thank you so much!

Our upcoming trip will have meaning and purpose because we can now plan to make sure we see the important things. Your time is recognized and appreciated for putting this all together. I now have to buy another suitcase to take all the info I printed out - but that's okay - I won't miss anything I don't want too. - Toni

Hello to whoever find content for the Seeing-Stars web site:

Thank you so much for your site. I've been able to stand outside some of the premieres, thanks to you. Your web site is invaluable to fans like me. I used to live in LA, and still visit on occasion, especially if a good premiere is in town.

Really, you do us a huge service. I appreciate it very much. - Cathy G in Seattle

I am thrilled to have found your website. It contains all the information I could ever want about celebrity appearances. Thank you very much for this service... is an amazing site which I plan to visit frequently. - Libby

My partner and I are going on holiday to the USA in 4 weeks time. We come from the UK so can imagine its a big holiday for us... Unfortunately, due to time, we could only allocate three days in L.A.. Going to Hollywood has been a dream of mine since I can remember.... However, I have been so worried that we wouldn't have time to take in the sights of Hollywood along with the parks, plus not actually knowing what was in Hollywood other than the Walk of Fame and the theatre. But thanks to your website not only do I know what's there, I can actually plan our days. Thank you so much. You have saved me a lot of worrying and I can now start to look forward to the L.A. part of our tour which should be the way when you plan a holiday. Many thanks. - Lucy & Chris

What a fabulous website. Worth my paying AOL every month. Thanks.

I have been studying your site for many months... planning my fifth or sixth trip to the Los Angeles area.

Many of the [location] sites I knew, such as City hall... however, there was a lot I had no idea where to find, such as the "Brady Bunch" house. Your information was extremely accurate. "Station 51" [from "Emergency!"] was the one that was most helpful.

The tour of Sony Pictures was more than a delight. I even had a personal tour since I was the only one on it and got to meet Alex Trebeck. He was coming out of the studio and since I was the only one on the tour, my guide introduced me. Alex and I spoke for a great deal of time on trivia, politics and many topics. He is a very nice person.

I will continue to look at your site and I look forward to many more additions, especially on shooting locations. Thank you for a great guide to Los Angeles... even for the experienced LA traveler.  - Rob Anderson.

I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS IS A FANTASTIC WEBSITE. I ACCIDENTALLY FOUND OUT ABOUT IT IN 'WOMAN'S WORLD' MAGAZINE (this week's issue). I am a publicist and this website beats anything I've ever seen in all my years!!! You are to be commended... - Kitzie

What a great site! I could spend days on here. It's the best of the best.
Thanks for a great job. - FW

I love this website, it is like sitting inside of a library of wonderful information. I'm enjoying reading everything. Great site. I'm looking forward to visiting in person.

- Rhonda

I just had to congratulate and thank you for your comprehensive site.

It is very well put together, very informative, and very, very thorough.

I am planning a trip to Los Angeles at the end of this month and I must say that your site has proved invaluable to my organization process. Upon stumbling across your site, I had no idea where to start. We knew we wanted to see TV shows, but we had no idea where to ask for tickets. After a little browsing, I found things that I wanted to do, but never knew they were available to be done!!

I surf the Internet regularly, and it is rare when I come across a website with such depth. One that does not merely touch on a few topics or provide fifty links to places of interest. I enjoyed your comments on the various sites, your experiences of the tours, and the advice to those who are thinking about seeing and doing the things described within the pages. I really appreciate your list of stars appearing in the movies as descibed in the shoot sheets. I am equally grateful for the placement of links only when I need them (i.e. - after I'm done reading about the Paramount Tour, I'd like to visit their site and see what they have to show me.). Your site has proved to be a valuable tool for me during my planning, I only hope others attempt to emulate your style and completeness in similar web pages.

Your site has enabled me to construct a vacation that we will remember for years to come.

Sincerely, Scott

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for your informational website.

I have learned so much and gained so much thanks to your exclusive knowledge.

I now have tix to the American Music Awards, Tix to the People's Choice Awards, Tix to "That 70's Show, not to mention reservations at a discount price at the Beverly Garland in Burbank where I will receive "free" admission to the Hollywood Celebrity Collectible's Show for 2 days, and a free day at Universal Studios.

Also, the chance of going to see Jay Leno at the Tonight Show!!! This has been one of my childhood dreams - to go to L.A .someday and see the celebrities and a show and all. Now I get to live it.

My friends are all jealous and want to know what kind of "Special Connections" or "contest" I entered to get all these... I tell them I surf the net and read informative web sites such as yours.

This weekend it's hobnobbing at the Awards Shows, Next weekend it's hobnobbing at the tapings and hanging out with Jody & Cissy from "Family Affair" and maybe even taking a picture of Barney Fife (Don Knotts). On top of that, getting to see one of my favorite comedy shows, "That 70's Show", being taped and watching how the whole thing gets done.

Thank you so much!!!!! - "Crazy" Julie

I discovered your web site about a month ago and I must say that it is a God send!

It contains so much information about "seeing stars" in is unbelievable! Everything from movie premieres, to hot restaurants, to on location shooting. I cannot wait for my trip this year and I am SURE that it'll be jammed with celebrity sightings thanks to!


I just wanted to e-mail you to tell you what an awesome site you have put together. The info included on your site is invaluable to anyone who wants to come to Hollywood and "do it right." I've lived in Burbank for a year now and always wished there was a site that collectively contained this type of info and, from what I can tell, your site does it.

Thanks and keep up the great work! - Brian

Thanks again for telling us about the "Mission: Impossible 2" premiere. It was the first and best that I ever attended. I got front row bleacher seating and a free MI:3 hat. Best of all, I was an arms length away from Tom and Nicole. Big stars such as Will Smith, Puff Daddy, Christian Slater etc. were there. It was so much fun. Tom was totally down to earth, genuine and gorgeous!!!

Thanks a million. - Maria

You, sir, are a god!

- Marci

I just wanted to thank you for creating a site full of information that I couldn't find anywhere else!

The layout and content of your site is perfect! I've never been to Hollywood, but I'm planning a trip in June. This site has been extremely helpful in my planning.

Thank you!  David

I just wanted to thank you for all of your helpful information about premieres. I was able to attend one near where I live ("Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" in New York City), and it was extremely eventful and exciting. We were about thirty feet away from the stars and got a few pictures. (At one point, my sister was about five feet away from one of them) We had loads of fun! Thanks so much!

Sincerely, Molly Taylor

Congratulations on an outstanding web site. I made my first visit to LA back in July and scoured your web site both before and after I went and found it immensely interesting and useful.

A very impressive web site. I would have to call it encyclopedic for lack of a better word. I have already recommended it to several people here in Stockholm who have an interest, or are in, film. - Tom

This is the most amazing site I have seen.

I have gone through your site front and back. It is really great. - Johnell

Congratulations on an outstanding web site. I made my first visit to LA back in July and scoured your web site both before and after I went and found it immensely interesting and useful.l

I've lived in Hollywood for several years and I happen to work at one of the studios. (but no name dropping please). I fancy myself something of a film buff in regards to Hollywood and it's crooked-tinsel-strewn history. Anyway I stumbled across you guys and I am so impressed. I plan on sending all my friends here who have questions so that perhaps they will leave me alone. You really hit the prop-nail on the head in so many ways and thought of so many places and interesting things I never can remember when I need to. I don't know who did your research but I wish it had been me! You were right on! And changing the subject only slightly why, oh why is it that Paris has a major motion picture museum but not Hollywood?

Well, at least we've now got "Seeing Stars"

I don't know who you guys are but I just had to give you a pat on the back for a thoughtful job far and above the usual pap served up to tourists.

Thanks again, Steve


Just had to express how much I enjoyed your website... stumbled across it and spent all morning flipping through the sites.

Thanks for such fun! - Maryanne

I love your site. It's the best source of Hollywood information I have ever found and has proved to be really useful.
- Matt

Just wanted to say thanks for your great site. Our family is planning a trip to L.A. at the end of March and your site has been a great source of information on places, prices, parking and directions. I've been to L.A. several times, but found some great new ideas here.

It's the best site I've found for planning a trip to the area. Keep it up!  - John

Kudos! After looking through endless Hollywood websites on what to do on a four-day visit to Hollywood, I came across your great site!!! It is fast, informative and very helpful with your many reviews.

Thanks very much, your site is now at the top of my bookmarks!! - Carey

Oh man!!! That page is TOO COOL!!! My gosh! You really worked your arse off, my friend!

Wow! Best site I've seen! I don't know of ANY site out here that has pics and full info regarding celebs like this! This is way too cool to ignore! - Mike

I am planning a trip to California in October. Your site has been a great asset in making my preparations. Keep up the outstanding work. - James

Your wonderful site has given me the opportunity to see Vin Diesel in person and take pictures of him. He isn't the only star that I have been able to see up close, but he's currently my favorite. - Claudia

I want to let you know how all your obvious love of the subject and hard work has paid off. I've learned more from your site (and I have SOME background in Golden age material) than a dozen books put together. You're head-and-shoulders above the Visitors & Convention Bureau crap.

best wishes - Eric

The ultimate online guide to seeing stars in Hollywood. Find out where these rare creatures live, feed, and occasionally make guest appearances.

Maybe you live in L.A. and just want to brush up on your showing-the-relatives-around skills. Or maybe you plan on visiting and don't wanna miss a thing. Either way, this site should be on your hit list to point you in the right directions. This site isn't just content to show you where the famous landmarks and streets are; it goes above and beyond the call of duty. For starters, how does where the stars dine, shop, and nominally live between production schedules sound? But that's not all. Find out where they pray, where they were immortalized, and even businesses owned and operated by your favorite celebs. That's not the best part, however. Track current shoots by location and time, and you can even drop by to see all the action live! If it all seems overwhelming to you, they have a handy calendar to organize your thoughts.


Seeing Stars in Hollywood is a very thorough guide for fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrity or to locate famous movie related landmarks. Easy to navigate and with dozens of sections ... restaurants, film locations, events, nightclubs, even churches frequented by the stars. The site also provides up to date addresses and maps to over 1,000 celebrities, both living and deceased. Travelers can save themselves the $10-$15 charged by local street hawkers for printed maps. Of course the disclaimer reminds you to respect the privacy of the occupants (i.e. don't yell "Hey Rambo" at an open bathroom window). - @LA

It's plain to see you spent a LOT of time on your site, and it really shows in how well it is thought out and put together. Congratulations on what I am sure will be a hugely successful venture. - Al

You've done a great job! I thoroughly enjoyed your site and have bookmarked it. - Felix

I'm so happy I could cry.

I bought my computer two years ago so I could start to try to find answers for some very specific information. Today I found that info on your website... IT IS WONDERFUL!!!!!

Thank you so much and please, PLEASE keep up the good work and don't ever quit. - Mark

A BIG thank you! I wanted to let you know how helpful your Seeing-Stars web page was for me during my visit to Hollywood. My main goal while visiting Hollywood was to meet Gillian Anderson of the X-Files, and with the help of your page... believe it or not, I met Gillian. A dream come true... I am very thankful.

(If you ever get a chance to meet Gillian Anderson, don't pass it up, she is a very gracious person.)

- Lois, a very happy "tourist" from South Dakota.

I think your website is totally helpful. I recently went on a trip to California, and went to one of your listed restaurants and saw Tobey McGuire, Kirsten Dunst, Ethan Suplee (from "Remember the Titans")....

It was awesome!!!  -  Suzy

I had a great time at the "Disturbia" premiere and thought I'd send a couple pictures ;) (Shia Lebouf came across the street.) I also had up-close shots of Sarah Roemer and Channing Tatum in front of the theatre after the movie. (Those pics are on my phone).

Who knew celebrities were so nice and actually sign autographs and whatnot. Turns out they gave away some additional seating for the premiere (Nothing like free popcorn, soda, and a show to boot). All in all, a fun night watching Disturbia with the Stars. Thanks for all your advice & help! - Sincerely, Kristen

just a short note to tell you what a wonderful time I've had this afternoon browsing through your website.

I used to live in Beverly Hills but after 40 years in the area, moved here to Texas. Having lived there so long, I knew every spot you mentioned and photographed, at least knew what they were when I lived there. It was a terrific tour through a bunch of memories and of course I haven't finished yet...just have to get back to work!

Hi Gary, we are back in Germany and I want to thank you again for the information you gave me about the Oscar pre-parties and, of course, Ben Affleck.

Thanks to you our trip to L.A. was a wonderful and very exciting experience!!!

We were able to see Ben on the "Gigli" set (they were shooting it around downtown) and we saw a lot of "celebs" at the Miramax party. We also were pretty close during the arrivals at the Oscar's and it was great!!!

Warmest Regards - Mitzi

Please let me compliment you on such a wonderful web site!

I work for a destination management company in Southern California and am so grateful for your insights and information. We find this site to be a great research tool!

Thanks again for the awesome site; keep up the good work! - Annee

I really like The OC series, and I just found out about your website in! I'd like to thank you for your AMAZING work, and everything you done. I just passed the link for a few friends. Keep in that cool way - André (Brazil).

Fantastic site - MUST VISIT!!

This site ( is a must for everybody here. I have rarely been so engrossed in such info as this one... Thanks for this site - it is wonderful! - Doogie

Love your website...the most comprehensive and specific one I have found. Hope you never take it off the web!

This site is great. .. I live in the midlands in England... this site has helped me in so many ways. Thank you again - the site is brill.!!!!! - Steve

Thank you so much for your excellent web site.

Excellent, excellent job. I'm honeymooning in LA in March, and I wanted to do more than just the standard tourist attractions. Your site was exactly what I was looking for. The detail of your site is unbelievable. I think I've read every section twice.

Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

You have made my honeymoon. - Steve

I just wanted to drop an e-mail to let you know your site is awesome!!!! I have been through so many big company travel sites and they just don't compare. Keep it up!  - Thanks, D.

WOW! I haven't had a chance to browse through all of your web site but what I did was fabulous. Very creative. Great job.!! - Jack

My girlfriend and I recently visited L.A. for the first time, and used the pages from your website as guides for what to see and do -- from the Formosa Café to Forest Lawn to "The Lot."

The staggering amount of research you put into the site is quite apparent, and we appreciated the tips!

Thanks! - Larry

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Just one query does all of this wonderful information come in a book?? - SR: )

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Thanks for making such a great page. It will surely make my trip to L.A. all the better.

I've visited Hollywood every summer for 15 years. Your web-site is the most interesting, complete, and helpful history buff's guide of the city I've found. And it's free! Thanks for a job well-done. - Craig

Just got back from Malibu [I'm a New Yorker]... Thanks to you and your website I saw Neve Campbell at the Colony... Pam and Tommy Lee at the Malibu Mart... Duchovny and Minnie Driver at the Nobu restaurant and buying coffee at the Coffee Bean.

Thanks. - Angie

Great site! I spent a good two hours wandering around, and found many things to keep me interested. I am a fairly worldly baby-boomer, based on the "North Coast" here in Minneapolis. it was refreshing to see something about LA that didn't portray it as a gangster nirvana.

Thank you. - Michael

Why don't you come to England and produce a similar site for us ! - Brian

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Next time I make a trip out, I'll definitely use your site to help me play tour guide a little better.

Good job. - Tjames

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What an incredible service you offer! As a professional aspiring actress, your info on shoot sheets has been extremely useful to me. I cannot thank you enough. I got two jobs on spec just by being at the right place at the right time. The last one was a hoot - my sister was visiting from New York, and got to be an "extra" and see David Arquette at the same time! Keep up the good work!!! - Darlene

It's great to see and read about places in L.A. I've lived around, visited and enjoy re-visiting through your site. Thanks!! - Shane

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Just wanted to tell you that we went the premiere for "Collision Course" and it was awesome!

Our whole family went and we all got to meet Steve & Terri Irwin and Wes Mannion (Steve's best friend)!!! We got autographs and pictures AND somebody there from MGM slipped us tickets to the premiere and we actually got to go in and watch the movie with the Irwins!! I could NOT believe it!!

It was just an unbelievable day, getting to meet them and go to the premiere too was just incredible,, a fan's dream!! Thank you so much for all your help. If you wouldn't have gotten the MGM press info for me, I would never would have known the date or anything, so THANK YOU!! You helped make a fans dream come true.

- Tracey

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These are some of the best photos that I have seen on the web. I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed them. I just came from LA, and I wasn't able to go everywhere that I wanted to go, but looking at what you have done has filled the void.
Thank you. - Sharon

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Comments from the press:

From the Long Beach Press-Telegram (June 9, 1999):

"We spend more time than is generally thought to be healthy flitting about on the Web...and still we've never come across an individual's Web site as comprehensive, sprawling and all-encompassing as "Seeing Stars in Hollywood."

Just released a couple of weeks ago, the site ( is centered on the idea of letting people know how they can see stars in person.

The site is a "monster." It clocks in at more than 1,400 pages, illustrated with more than 800 photos. As you navigate around the site, you'll find everything from where stars live to where those who are finished living are buried. In between, there are "chapters" on where they can be seen filming, where they play, shop and eat. Where they went to school and church, and where key scenes from their movies were shot locally.

Wayne also has pages on Hollywood landmarks, museums, studio tours, theaters - and even more. It's a terribly ambitious project done amazingly well."

- Tim Grobaty, Long Beach Press-Telegram

From (April 13, 2000):


Hallelujah! This is one-stop shopping for all aspiring celebrities or for anyone hoping to run into their favorite star. takes you to where the celebs dine, the hotels they stay at, the churches they attend, and even where Buffy the Vampire goes to school! lets you know what boites the hottest stars frequent or casually do their thing at. Gotta bad back and wanna use Sharon Stone's chiropractor? Go to to find out who that is. With each click this site gets better and better: the pharmacy to the stars, the butcher (I made that one up), the baker (Mani's), the candlestick maker (Illume Candles). They even have the Westwood Ho Market. Only in Hollywood!"

- Anitra Johnson,

From the Venice Interactive Community Newsletter:
(Oct. 15 , 1999)


" Devoted to Hollywood, celebrities and travel, Seeing Stars in Hollywood tells visitors how and where they can spot their favorite personalities in person, and offers dope on hotels, restaurants, landmarks, maps, attractions and things to do in Southern California."

From Woman's World magazine (Oct. 31, 2000):

...for spotting Hollywood Stars
"How would you like to run into Tom Cruise at the gym, dance next to Ricky Martin at a nightclub or maybe meet Dolly Parton in church? Well, you can increase your chances of this really happening by checking out Seeing-Stars, a list of all the stars' favorite hangouts in and around Hollywood! And for even more fun in Tinseltown, click on "How You Can Become a Star," where you'll get info on how to apply to game shows or become a movie extra!"

From the Los Angeles Business Journal (Nov. 1, 1999):

Site of the Week

"...Most of us have some fascination with Hollywood history or the unofficial hometown sport of star spotting. For those who fall into either category, is guaranteed to suck away many minutes of time.

For the star-struck or trend-curious, the site contains exhaustive information about where celebrities are usually encountered - where the shop, get facials, attend church, dine or die. For out-of-towners, each location features an interactive map with directions.

Arguably more fascinating is the wealth of information on Hollywood history, ranging from well-known studio lore to esoteric tidbits, such as the most oft-used film locations since the dawn of moving pictures.

The rich site boasts 1,500 pages and more than 800 photos, and grows constantly."

- Sara Fisher (Tech Talk), Los Angeles Business Journal

From  (Feb. 8, 2000):

“Family Site of the Day”

"...Not everyone can pack their bags and head out west to see the sights and people in person. But through the magic of today's site and the Internet, we can all visit Tinseltown.

Called Seeing Stars, this site is an incredible on-line visit to Hollywood. Here you not only see where the stars live, but where they shop, worship, eat, and play. But it is not limited to just the stars. You can take cyber tours of studios, get tickets to live television show tapings, see famous streets, movie palaces, and learn about award shows and museums. You can see hotels where they stay, schools where they send their children (or attend themselves), and, unfortunately, the final resting place of many legendary stars.

So get you cyber autograph book out because this is a great site to visit. You will spend several hours here, I am sure. I did. Enjoy your stop here today.

From USA Today:
(March 24, 2000)

If watching Sunday's Academy Awards show inspires a stargazing jaunt to La La Land, forget Hollywood and Vine or those outdated, overpriced celebrity maps that lead to high walls and fenced driveways.

A better bet: Seeing Stars in Hollywood ( ...ambitious site that directs the hoi polloi to places the stars work, eat, shop, and play -- not to mention pray, die and rest in peace. ...the site fulfills its mission, from reviewing studio tours and dispensing advice to would-be game show contestants to supplying online maps of prominent film locations, arranged by decade.

From the Internet Web Guide (April 3, 2000):

SEEING STARS:"The ultimate guide to celebrities and Hollywood "provides just about anything you could imagine in the genre: where stars live and where they are buried, where they play, where they shop and where they eat, Hollywood landmarks, museums, studio tours, theaters and over 900+ photos."

From the Arizona Republic (April 20, 2000):


Restaurants owned by stars. Hollywood landmarks. Where the stars dine. Churches of the stars. Planning a trip to Tinseltown? Park yourself here for a closer look at how the Big Names live. Check out a mall or two where the stars shop, visit some celebrity graves, book yourself at a beauty salon with lots of star clientele (assuming you have a fat bank account). Get discovered."

- Jeff Houck, Tribune MediaServices

From Net News Today:
(July 04, 2000)

Where to See Celebrities

"Do you nurture a dream of seeing your favorite movie star in a supermarket or in some cozy little California bookstore? Your friends in cyberspace can help out. I'm Charles Bowen with the Internet News.

Today's report:, the ultimate online guide to spotting celebrities in their natural habitat. But even if you're not planning to visit Hollywood any time soon, the site has other features you'll like. Here's where to learn about restaurants owned by stars and where celebrities went to college. You can even take virtual tours of studio back lots, landmarks, streets and museums and find out where the stars really do shop, live and play."

(Oct. 17, 2000)

Seeing Stars

By Ed Lee

"If you're a star gazer (the Hollywood kind, not the fiery balls of superheated gas kind-- wait, never mind) one way to find stars to gaze at is to catch them where they hang out. Kinda like knowing where the animals hang out when you want to catch them for your documentary on Animal Planet.

At Seeing Stars, you can find out where your favorite stars like to play, live, shop, dine, where they go to church, and what schools they or their kids go to. Hmm, sounds a bit sketchy if you ask me.

So for all your needs, go to Seeing Stars."

From Fineman Films:

       Hollywood Resources: "A great site for fans and professionals alike."

From the Coventry Evening Telegraph:
(August 1, 2001)

"If you can't get enough of the top Hollywood stars then you can indulge your passion for celebrity at the website.

The site lets you take a tour of Beverly Hills - taking in the celebrity residents, studios and landmarks. You can even linger in the shops where the stars buy their bread."

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:
(Nov. 11, 2001)

You've seen parts of the city and its surroundings in movies and on television, read about it in the news and maybe heard jokes about it. Forget all that; it's time to get off the couch and go see the Los Angeles area for yourself.

Since much of what you know about the area is from the movies, immerse yourself in the Hollywood scene with the help of Seeing Stars (, which has stuff on Hollywood and stars past and present.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
(Feb. 19, 2002)

Our WebWatch site of the day is
[Just one chapter of the Seeing-Stars website]

"This site offers an interesting gossip-style introduction to the filming locations of TV shows, made-for-TV movies and music videos. It's quite surprising where some famous TV moments were actually filmed. This site will even provide a map, but it urges the near-obsessed to stay clear of private residences. If that's got you going - then try the rest of the site and its movie locations."

From The Star:
(Feb. 28, 2002)

Hooray for Hollywood: Renaissance puts the glitter back into Tinseltown

For the astute filmgoer willing to explore, there's hardly a corner in the neighbourhood or surrounding cities that doesn't ooze with cinematic lore. And even the real-life Hollywood, thanks to spectacular theatre restorations and the construction of the sparkling new Kodak Theatre, is suddenly experiencing a renaissance.

In the meantime, rent a car, grab a map, unpack your mental suitcase of movie trivia and explore Hollywood, real and remembered. Here's some highlights:

   Hollywood & Vine, the Egyptian Theatre, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Beverly Hills, the Greystone Mansion, the Beverly Hills Hotel, Rodeo Drive, Roxbury Drive, Universal Studios, Disney Studios, The Griffith Observatory...

For more Hollywood lore and details about these sites and many others, try

From the Los Angeles Times:
(Oct. 1, 2003)

For movie star sightings, it goes without saying that Hollywood is the center of the universe. Seeing Stars in Hollywood ( gives tips on how the regular Joe or Jane can, well, see stars in Hollywood.

The site is broken down into categories like landmarks, museums, Restaurants Owned by Stars, and Where the Stars Play, a listing of some of their favorite nightclubs and gyms.

The site also has helpful information about touring movie studios and lists some actors' home addresses. An important point for those approaching obsession: It comes with a warning not to trespass.

From Frommer's:
(Feb. 23, 2006)

Go Celeb Spotting in the City of Angels:

"A website to help you plan your star spotting, dining, drinking and playing on your LA getaway:

Seeing Stars ( is an unabashed website dedicated to giving you the roadmap to a star encounter in Hollywood. Listings includes where stars live, where they died, where they dine, even where they are buried. All that, plus movie shoot locations and what churches they attend."

From the Long Beach Press-Telegram:
(May 17, 2006)


"Gary Wayne... has figured out where "The O.C." filming took place.

Wayne knows his stuff. His Web site, Seeing Stars in Hollywood ( is a mammoth accomplishment in amassing a guide to Southern California-based celebrityhood. If you are at all interested in the tracking of Hollywood's rich and famous, there is no better place you can visit. Wayne, whose site sprang up in 1999 (several generations ago in the Web world), has gathered, and continues to gather, dope on all things related to the stars where they went to school, where they shop, where they attend church and, of course, where they live, where they died and where they're buried.

A big portion of his site is given over to film locations. ...He set up a special section just for "The O.C.,"after he'd gathered enough location sites."

From Chino's Daily Bulletin:
(June 2, 2006)

"You'll recall that in Fox's teen soap "The O.C.," Chino is the hometown of Ryan Atwood, a juvenile delinquent who winds up among the beautiful people of Orange County. As local viewers immediately knew, the occasional scenes showing Chino as a gritty urban ghetto weren't filmed anywhere near the real Chino.

Well, a website now documents the obvious: Those scenes were really filmed in L.A. (That explains why there are never any cows.)

According to, which backs up its assertions with photographic comparisons:

  • In the first episode when Ryan steals a car in a rough part of Chino, viewers really saw Sun Valley.
  • A tire yard in Chino where Ryan is beaten up is in East L.A.
  • And Ryan's return visits to his old turf – a rough neighborhood where aging homes have bars on the windows – actually were shot in Venice and Lawndale.

Ewww ... Lawndale.

The website's Gary Wayne points out that most of the Orange County scenes are shot in L.A. County, too.

Hmm. This opens the door for a spinoff: a series filmed in Chino and Orange County and called "The L.A."

From the National Ledger:
(Sept. 30, 2006)

    DEAR STACY: I'm probably going to make a trip to Los Angeles in a few weeks and I think it would be fun to see some celebrities. How does one get next to the red carpet at a Hollywood event, or even become a seat-filler at an awards show? Where would one locate such information? -- Carrie W., Cleveland

    DEAR CARRIE: Check out the Web site It's full of information about upcoming Hollywood events where fans can get in-person looks at the stars, plus stars' hangouts, restaurants owned by celebrities, etc.

From The Canton Repository
(Oct 1, 2006)

    Dear Stacy: I’m probably going to make a trip to Los Angeles in a few weeks, and I think it would be fun to see some celebrities. How does one get next to the red carpet at a Hollywood event, or even become a seat-filler at an awards show? Where would one locate such information? — Carrie W., Cleveland

    Dear Carrie: Check out the Web site It’s full of information about upcoming Hollywood events where fans can get in-person looks at the stars, plus stars’ hangouts, restaurants owned by celebrities, etc.

From The Fayetteville Observer:
(Jan. 21, 2007)

    Q: We will be in the Southern California area during the month of February. Can you tell me where “The O.C.” is filmed?

    A: We can tell you lots of the places where the TV series has been filmed... If you rent a car and are willing to do a lot of driving, you can develop and conduct your own tour of The O.C. locations. To do that, go to, where there’s an exhaustive list of locations featured on the show. There’s also plenty of data about where the locations are, according to the show, and where they really are in real life.

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