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Our Privacy Policy

At Seeing-Stars.com, we never ask for your name, address, email address or telephone number on any part of our website. If you email us, we will never knowingly sell your name or email address to others, nor will we disclose such information to others unless you ask us to (unless required to by law.) If you write us, however, we may send you email responses as needed, which we believe you want to receive (due to your interest in this website) - replies to your questions & comments. We will not add your name to an email list unless you asks us to, or spam you with unwanted emails just because you wrote us once or twice.  We may reserve the right to publish selected quotes from email that we feel would be informative for our readers (using only your first name).

We do not track where you go on the web after you leave our site, or gather or sell that kind of information.

Note: This website runs Google Ads and Amazon ads as its way of generating revenue from page views.  There are literally thousands of different rs that buy ad space through Google ads, and they each probably have their own policy regarding privacy.  So, if you mouse click on those advertising banners, or on links to other sites, that click will probably take you off the Seeing-Stars.com website, and take you to totally different websites which are not controlled by us.  These other websites might, on their own, collect personal information and/or use it ways different than we do. To be sure, you should review the Privacy Policy of these other websites. Some ads on the site may set cookies of their own. Google Ads, in particular, tend to use cookies to track users activity so they and customize the ads they show you.  You can read Google Ads privacy policy by going here.

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