From the church where "Going My Way"
was filmed - to the Crystal Cathedral; a guide
to Hollywood's favorite houses of worship.

Like the rest of us, Hollywood celebrities have their personal faiths, and many go to church on Sundays with their families. Bing Crosby, for instance, favored the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills,

while Telly Savalas attended services at St. Sophia's Greek Orthodox church.

Other stars may not be particularly religious, but they still show up at church for celebrity weddings and funerals.

Here is a list of some of the many places of worship in Southern California which have seen their fair share of stars.

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

IMPORTANT: Remember that these are churches. Under no conditions should you disturb church-goers before, during, or after services. The information here is intended merely to allow people a more intimate understanding of Los Angeles and its celebrities. When we understand the history of a place, it comes to life in our imagination. And when we can associate places with people we know and admire, it helps us feel closer to both the place and those people. I drive past Good Shepherd often, for instance, and instead of it being simply another building along Santa Monica Blvd, I can now nod as I pass by and fondly remember that it was the place where Valentino attended Mass, where Frank Sinatra and Danny Thomas were laid to rest, where Gary Cooper came for advice, and where Elizabeth Taylor was married. It makes that one particular part of our sprawling City of Angels seem less impersonal, and makes those particular stars seem much more human.

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