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The Stars' Favorite Restaurants

Not all Hollywood restaurants are owned by stars; many restaurants are famous simply because of the many showbiz celebs who frequent them.

Some, such as Chasenís and Spago, became Hollywood legends. Some, like Craig's, are relative newcomers, still building their legend. Others, such as Mortonís, are high-profile "power scenes," where agents, actors, and other show biz players go to be seen and to make deals.

Some, such as the Hotel Bel-Air, entice their wealthy celebrity clientele with sheer luxury.

Still others are well-kept secrets; modest, inexpensive places like Nate & Alís Deli or Patrickís Roadhouse, where the stars go simply because they like the food (or the company).

Here is a list of some of the places where the stars hang out, complete with addresses, names of the celebrity regulars and interactive online maps for your convenience:

Former Celebrity Restaurants

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