Where to see your favorite performers live on-stage in concerts, dramas, musicals, and more.

Seeing Stars in Concert

The greater Hollywood/Los Angeles area boasts a large number of prime concert venues where you can see many of your favorite musical superstars live in concert. These theatres range from small clubs to giant arenas. What follows is a guide to some of the most popular concert venues:

The Comedy Clubs

You often see major stand-up comics perform on the Tonight Show or on a Showtime special, but did you ever wonder where these comedians go to try out their new material and polish up their delivery?

There are a number of top-notch comedy clubs in the Hollywood area, which provide a stage for both the up-&-coming comic hoping to be discovered, and the veteran professional.

In fact, many of today's biggest stars of comedy got their start in these local clubs. So if you go to one of the performances, you might just see the next Robin Williams trying out his act for the first time.

Here is a guide to the most popular comedy clubs in the area:

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