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8433 Sunset Boulevard,
West Hollywood, CA./ (323) 656-6225

Founded in 1972, the Comedy Store was the original comedy stop in L.A.

Jim Carrey got his start here.

So did Michael Keaton.

David Letterman was the emcee here for three years, after starting out on Amateur Night.

Richard Pryor staged his '72 "comeback" on this stage, and recorded three live albums at the Comedy Store.

Gallagher started his watermelon-smashing here.

Gabe Kaplan conceived "Welcome Back Kotter" one night in the third booth.

Ed Begley Jr. and Craig T. Nelson started out with improv groups here.

Howie Mandel was discovered here by Joan Rivers.

Yakov Smirnoff also started out on Amateur Night.

Major stars such as Eddie Murphy, David Brenner, Steve Martin, Roseanne, Jimmie Walker, Elvira, Whoopi Goldberg, Louie Anderson, Byron Allen, Paul Rodriguez, Andrew Dice Clay, Garry Shandling, and Robin Williams often tried out their new stand-up routines (as did the late Redd Foxx and Freddie Prinze).

The Comedy Store was founded by the parents of comedian Pauley Shore - his mother, Mitzi Shore, still owns it! And Pauley can still be found there on most Friday nights.

In fact, in 2005, cable channel TBS ran an unscripted comedy series called "Minding the Store", starring Pauley Shore running the family business for his mother.

Before it was the Comedy Store, back in the 50's, this spot was the location of the legendary nightclub Ciro's, which drew big name headliners both in the audience and up on the stage. (Some people even think it's haunted by the ghosts of Mickey Cohen and other mobsters who used to run rackets out of the back room.)

Phone to find out who's booked to perform, and to make reservations. (Cover varies from $10 to $15.)

Getting there: The Comedy Store is located on the north side of the Sunset Strip at Olive Drive (east of La Cienega and west of Crescent Heights), across the street from the House of Blues. (Back in the 40's, this spot was once the world-famous "Ciro's" nightclub.)  

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