A guide to those special places where
 Hollywood stars go to shop. And you can too!

The Stars’ Favorite Shops & Salons

Hollywood celebrities don't spend their lives hiding in their homes. Like everyone else, they enjoy going out shopping, and when they do, they are often spotted by fans.

Naturally, some shops are more popular than others with the Hollywood set, and if you know exactly where they shop, you can increase your chance of spotting your favorite star.

It’s hard to say why certain shops and businesses develop a celebrity following, but there's no question that they do. Sometimes, it's because the shops are unique, their selection exotic, their service superior.  Other times, it’s just location. Most often, though, it's word of mouth in the close-knit Hollywood community... one star telling another about the new place they've discovered.

Here is a list of shops, boutiques, markets & services currently popular with the stars, including a list of the stars' favorite hairdressers:

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