Places in L.A. where you can buy clothes
worn by the stars, props used in the movies,
celebrity items, and the best of souvenirs.

Where You Can Buy
Authentic Movie & Celebrity Memorabilia

Did you ever wish that you could own something that once belonged to your favorite star?  Would you like to wear clothes that were actually worn in your favorite movie?  Want to buy costumes from studio wardrobe departments?  Looking for that personal keepsake once owned by your favorite celeb?  Well, you can get all of that and more right here in L.A., if you know where to go.  What follows is a guide to the best places in Hollywood to buy genuine movie star memorabilia:

Hollywood Souvenirs

…On the other hand, if you prefer inexpensive, touristy souvenirs, you can buy them by the armload in Hollywood. It seems that on Hollywood Boulevard alone, around Grauman's Chinese Theatre in particular, every other storefront is filled with cheap, tacky souvenirs of every sort & description. Just take a look at "Lights, Camera Action" (at 1707 N. Orange Drive), for instance, if you're into overpriced trinkets.

Of course, nestled amidst all that junk, you can occasionally find some genuine treasures. Here are just a few places with excellent selections of Tinseltown souvenirs, of varying quality...

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