Seeing Stars: Where You Can Shop for the Stars

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In Hollywood, you can find a wide selection of souvenirs at:

 PARAMOUNT STUDIOS*: Their studio store is located inside the studio walls, so you have to pay $15 and take the studio tour in order to reach the store. But if you do go inside to see the studio, the tour makes a stop at the studio store (near the studio commissary), and allows you plenty of time to pick up all the Paramount souvenirs you could want, most emblazoned with the Paramount name and its famous mountain logo.
 CBS TELEVISION CITY*: You can't tour this TV studio, but just around the corner from the ticket window (at the northwest corner of the building) is a small studio gift shop offering the usual mugs, t-shirts, and the like, all bearing the famous "eye" logo of CBS, or the names of shows carried on the CBS network. The shop is open to the public, and there is no admission charge.
 FARMERS MARKET*: There is more tourist junk here than you can shake a pitchfork at: color postcards of every imaginable Hollywood landmark, movie star posters, old B&W photos of the stars, Hollywood maps & guide books, miniature golden Oscars, mock California license plates, you name it... you'll probably find it here.

And on a smaller scale, in Hollywood, you might want to try:

 CINEMA COLLECTORS: One of the world's largest collections of original movie posters and still photos of the stars, as well as collectable books & magazines. Located at 1507 Wilcox Avenue. (323) 461-6516.
 HOLLYWOOD BOOK CITY: Over 200,000 new, used & rare book titles, including books about the movies, lots of autographed photos, press kits, movie scripts, art, etc. Located at 6627 Hollywood Boulevard. (323) 466-1049. Open daily until 10 PM.  (
 BOOK CASTLE's Magazine and Movie World sells plaster life masks taken directly from actual molds of the faces of stars such as Boris Karloff and Sly Stallone, for about $150. They also sell Maltese Falcon reproductions, books, and old newspapers and magazines dating back to the 1920's. 212 N. San Fernando Road, in Burbank. (818) 845-1563. (

And outside of Hollywood proper, you'll find:

 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS*: Almost every shop and boutique inside Universal is devoted to Hollywood souvenirs, if you're willing to pay the admission price - over a dozen themed stores ranging from The Flintstones Store to The Emporium. And there are even more shops to be found outside the gates, along the free CityWalk. The souvenirs in Universal's many shops may well constitute the largest selection of Hollywood trinkets known to man. From props to old movie stills, from "Murder She Wrote" journals to "SeaQuest" sweatshirts, they have just about everything a Hollywood tourist could possibly want.
 NBC STUDIOS*: their "Peacock Shop" kiosk in the studio's main lobby (at the foot of the stairway leading up the "The Tonight Show's" Studio One) sells assorted souvenirs with the NBC peacock logo. The drawback is that you have pay to take the NBC tour to reach the shop, and even then the kiosk isn't always open.
 The official Warner Bros. Tour *Store at their studio in Burbank, is near the gate at Olive Avenue and Hollywood Way. It sells studio items aimed at adults, based on Warner Bros movies and TV shows such as "Friends" and "E.R."
 THE MGM STUDIO STORE*: This single store is located inside the MGM center, at 2501 Colorado Avenue, in Santa Monica. It offers various souvenirs most sporting the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo of "Leo the Lion," as well as movie-making products, from script bags to gaffer tape. It is more adult in focus than most other studio stores, and it has a more authentic studio store feel to it. With cement floors, black walls, grip carts, scaffolding and even a handsome Oscar trophy case (displaying five genuine Academy Award statuettes), it offers the kind of items actually used by studio employees, along with the standard t-shirts and hats. And the prices are the same as they would cost on the lot. (800) 405-4646.
 DISNEYLAND*: If you're a big fan of Disney movies, you'll love the selection of merchandise you can find in the various stores & shops inside Disneyland. Not only will you find the same items you can buy at the Disney Stores in the malls, but the park also offers unique specialty shops such as the "Disney Villains" store (in Fantasyland), where all items relate to one of the dastardly villains from Disney's classic films (including the evil Queen in "Snow White," the demon in "Fantasia," etc.). Many stores on Main Street specialize in Disney clothing; another shop specializes in Disney books and tapes. A tiny shop (in New Orleans Square) offers only Disney Christmas decorations. While yet another store specializes in original animation art & color cels from the movies. The drawback, of course, is that you have to pay the $34 admission to the park to shop inside the Magic Kingdom. Fortunately, the free "Downtown Disney" shopping district (located between the Disneyland Hotel and the theme park), also has several large stores specializing in Disney goodies.

And online, you can find an incredible selection of Hollywood souvenirs, ranging from life-size stand-ups of celebrities to shiny award replicas, at Hollywood

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