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Production Wardrobe Sales
3315 W. Magnolia Boulevard,
Burbank, CA. / (818) 567-7366

and now a second store at

1164 S. Robertson Blvd.,
West Los Angeles, CA

Another shop which sells clothing formerly worn by movie stars is "It's A Wrap" in Burbank.

Located just a short distance from the many Valley studios, this store offers wardrobe items from Hollywood movie studios, television shows, commercials, music videos and New York soap operas, at significantly reduced prices. So not only can you dress like a star, and take home a souvenir worn by a star, but you can save money too!

When a movie company wraps up filming, or a TV show is cancelled, or when a studio is simply weeding out their wardrobe, they will give "It's A Wrap" a call, and the store's reps will go out to the studio and pick up the clothing. Then they re-sell it at greatly reduced prices.

Some of the popular TV shows which sell their wardrobe through this store include "Melrose Place," "Beverly Hills 90210," "Baywatch" and "Seinfeld," as well as many soaps such as "All My Children" and "General Hospital."

Some of the shop's bargains were spotlighted recently on "Oprah." For instance, a Bill Blass dress worn by 'Erica' (Susan Lucci) on the soap "All My Children," which retailed for $450 was on sale for just $100. Another of Lucci's dresses from the show went for just $75. A sundress from "Baywatch" was priced at just $25, while a $40 shirt from the same show went for $20.. A white dress from "90210" went for $75.

How about buying Brad Pitt's black shoes (from the movie "Sleepers") for a "mere" $500? or Demi Moore's boa from "Striptease" for $300?

Want more examples? In the recent past, Arsenio Hall's colorful blazers, which originally retailed from $300 to $1,500, sold here for only $150. A $300 Halston two-piece suit from the movie "Taxman" was priced here at only $85. A beautiful Italian suit worn by a star of the daytime drama "All My Children" went for just $81.

Dress shirts from studio wardrobes with labels such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren Polo sell for an incredible $5 each. You'll find even better bargains in the back room, where shirts from "Loving" can be had for $3, and suits go for as low as $10.

Do you want the sorority sweatshirts worn by the girls in the thriller "I Know What You Did Last Summer"?  Well, they've got 'em.  Prefer Pamela Anderson's tank top from "Baywatch"? No problem. Want to wear Jerry Seinfeld's black pants or 'Elaine's" blouse? They've got clothes not only from "Seinfeld," but from other TV shows such as "Roseanne" and "Cybill."

Here's a hint: there's a shorthand code on the store's price tags. MSG stands for "All My Children," GHG means "General Hospital," while AHS designates clothes from the Arsenio Hall Show. If you can't figure out the code, just ask the staff.

Framed on the walls of the shop are other props and artifacts from the movies: astronaut uniforms, sci-fi costumes - even one of the giant man-eating plants from "Little Shop of Horrors."

The store is open 11 AM-8 PM on weekdays, and from 11 AM-6 PM on weekends.

Getting there: The store is located in Burbank, on the east side of the San Fernando Valley, just north of Disney, Warner Bros and NBC Studios. From the Ventura (134) Freeway, take the Pass Avenue offramp and head north about a mile and a half, to Magnolia Blvd.  Turn right (east) on Magnolia and go four blocks east to California Street. The store will be on your left (north) side.

And there is now a second "It's a Wrap" store in West L.A., on the Robertson Blvd., just north of Pico Blvd. From Rodeo Drive, just take Wilshire Blvd east about one mile to Robertson, turn right (south) and go south on Robertson about three blocks, to just past Withsworth Ave (and just before Pico Blvd.) The store will be on your left (east) side.

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