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5525 Cahuenga Blvd.
North Hollywood, Ca / (818) 508-7762

I am told that Reel Clothes & Props have closed their actual store in North Hollywood and is now a strictly online business.

You can still search their online database by going to for the same celebrity items you would have found in their store.

I will leave this page up for those who want to read about Reel Clothes, but bear in mind that the article below was written when the North Hollywood store was still open.

Across town, in the Valley, is a store called Reel Clothes which sells clothes that have been worn by stars in the movies. Everything in their inventory was used in the production of a movie or TV series.

Sort of a Hollywood garage sale, this is where many of the major movie studios unload their expensive wardrobe stocks once they're finished shooting a film. Their clients include Warner Bros., Fox, MGM/UA, NBC, CBS, HBO, and over 1,000 other independent production companies.

A few of the items here are expensive - they want $4,000 for the famous orange jumpsuit that Will Smith wore in "Men in Black" - and $8,000 for the fancy Colonial outfit worn by Mel Gibson in "The Patriot." But for the many part the prices here are usually real bargains, lower than they would be if the clothes weren't associated with movie stars...

For instance, you could have bought the leather shoes Kathleen Turner wore in "Undercover Blues" for just $40 - less than a quarter of their original price.

Or how about the custom cowboy shirt Dennis Quaid wore in "Flesh & Bone" ? At this Studio City store, it would have cost you just $25. And you could have picked up a gray suit worn by Armand Assante in "Fatal Instinct" for just $100.  

Want Teri Hatcher's jacket from "Two Days in the Valley"? It's just $195. A custom-made blue dress shirt with Robert Wagner's initials sewn in the collar is just $40.

Much of the merchandise they sell carries high fashion labels such as Armani, Barney’s, and La Croix.

The shop was founded 16 years ago by a woman who used to work for CBS, and she keeps in contact with the various Hollywood studios, buying up their wardrobes after they wrap-up their movies.

At last check, they had uniforms from the movie "Starship Troopers", wardrobe from"The Mask of Zorro": Antonio Banderas' and Catherine Zeta Jones' beautiful costumes, outfits worn by Sandra Bullock in "28 Days", wardrobe items from "Loser", just to name a few.

They also sell movie props here.

For instance, you can get the Florida license plate from the car John Travolta drove in "Get Shorty" for $200. Or how about a bag of (fake) money and the iron Joe Pantoliano used to iron it (after he washed the blood out) from the movie "Bound" (with Jennifer Tilly)? It's also $200.

Want to spend more? For $2,000, you can buy the Presidential desk used by Harrison Ford in the thriller "Air Force One." Or the robe worn by Helen Hunt in "As Good As It Gets."

And the last time I looked, they had Kevin Spacey's toupee from "L.A. Confidential," weapons from "Starship Troopers," plus armor & swords from "First Knight," as well as many props from "Men In Black," "Godzilla," "Starship Troopers," and "Man in the Iron Mask." - items used by stars such as Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Their website also notes that they spotted Teri Hatcher ("Lois & Clark") and her husband John Tenny ("Brooklyn South") at the Starbucks coffee shop just west of Reel Clothes (at 12170 Ventura Blvd.), around the time of the final "Seinfeld" episode.

Geena Davis shopped at the Reel Clothes store and bought a Halloween costume - a plain Sailor suit with a short wig. When the owner suggested she be something sexy, Gina gave her a wry smile and said "I do that enough". She also signed their rare poster from "Thelma & Louise".

 Getting there: In March of 2001, Reel Clothes moved from their prebvious Studio City address to a new North Hollywood location. The store is now located in North Hollywood.about three miles north of Universal Studios Hollywood, and about half a mile northwest of the Emmy Plaza. / From Universal Studios: take Lankershim Blvd northeast about a mile until it runs into to Cahuenga Blvd. Stay to your right and go straight ahead on Cahuenga about two miles north, to just past Cumpson Avenue (south of Burbank Blvd.) The store will be on your left (west) side.

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