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Be sure to read our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) for all the answers.


Freqently Asked Questions

I can't find my favorite star's name. What now?

   You may be misspelling it. Instead of trying to spell the whole name, try just typing in a few of the letters, or a small part of the name. The database will find all names that match those letters. For instance, if you're not sure how to spell 'Alyssa Milano', try typing just 'Milano', or maybe just 'ano'. (Of course, you'll also get 'Ray Romano' in the results... but at least you'll find her name.)

Why do some celebrities have more than one address listed?

   Many stars have several mailing addresses where they receive their mail. One may be his agent's address, the other a studio address, yet another a production company owned by the star.

Are these the star's home addresses?

   No, most of them are not, but a few of them are. Most celebrities prefer to use a mailing address that is different from their home address. But most of these addresses have been verified in the past - in other words, someone wrote to the celebrities at these addresses and received a reply of one sort or another. A few stars have chosen to answer mail sent to their home address, and in those instances, we have listed those home addresses here too. If a star has ignored mail sent to his home address, we don't list it here - so please don't ask us for it. The addresses that are listed here are all we have. What you see is what you get.

I'd like an autograph or a photograph of a star. What should I do?

  If you want a photo or autograph, ask for it! Many of them are more than happy to oblige. Remember to always be polite. Also, be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope, one big enough to hold an 8x10 photo, to make it easier for them to reply to you. If you want a particular item or photo of your own autographed, you can send it to them. Many stars will sign such items for you, but others will not and will send them back unsigned. Warning: there is always a risk that you won't get your items back at all, so never send anything you can't afford to lose.

Will the celebrity read this mail personally?

  There is simply no way to know. Stars are individuals, so they deal with fan mail in different ways. Some celebrities like fan mail, some hate it. Some read and answer it personally, others are too busy and hire people to do that for them. A few may even just throw it away. It depends upon the star and how much time he or she has to deal with such things.

I tried one of your addresses, and the letter came back marked "return to sender."

  Stars move all the time, and some of them change their agents often too. That means that their mailing addresses can change overnight. We try to keep this list up-to-date but it's not perfect, and there are no guarantees. If you spot a bad address, please let us know by sending us an email. Also, if you know of a better mailing address, one you've personally had success with that isn't on this list, please let us know about that too, and we'll add the address to the list.

I'd like to send my movie script or story idea to a celebrity.

  That usually isn't a good idea. Stars are advised by their lawyers not to read scripts, because if they do they could later be sued by someone who claimed they stole their idea. The only successful way to submit a movie script is through a legitimate agent. For information about how to sell a screenplay, click here.

How can I find out more about my favorite stars?

  For everything you ever wanted to know about Hollywood, just go to the Seeing Stars in Hollywood website, at https://www.seeing-stars.com

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