Location #12:

After that Dance

Q.  Where is it supposed to be?

After they finish their flirtatious dance (to "A Lovely Night"), Mia and Sebastian go their separate ways. He sees her back to her car, and she drives away, then he walks back to his own car, obviously still thinking about her. Most of the party guests are gone by then, and the valet parkers are starting to wrap up for the night.
He gets in his car and drives off as well.

This brief after-the-dance scene is actually a combination of
two separate locations, edited together, both of which we've seen before:

  When they walk back to Mia's car after the dance, and she drives away.

37:44After he leaves Mia, and we see Seb getting back into his own car.

Q.  Where was it really shot?

Both parts of this scene are supposed to be in basically the same area,
but in fact the two spots are miles apart.

In the first part of the scene, where they walk back to Mia's car, they are still up near Cathy's Corner in Griffith Park, and are simply walking north  up Mount Hollywood Drive (which has been artfully lined with blue prop lamp posts), away from the dance spot.  She then gets in her car and drives north up Mount Hollywood Drive.

( Although cars aren't normally allowed on this park road,  they obviously made an exception for this production, which lined the east side of Mount Hollywood Drive with parked cars - not to mention those blue lamp posts.. )

37:44But in the second part of the scene, after Seb leaves Mia, and we see him back at his own car, the actual location jumps 10 miles to the west, and he is actually back in front of the '80s party house, at 16210 Dorilee Lane, in Encino, CA.

To get an idea of how far apart these locations really are,
here is a map with the locations of both his car and her car marked...

Speaking of the front of that 80's party house...

When we saw the main scene set at the '80s party, we really didn't get a look at the front of the house, we only saw the backyard pool area where the '80s cover band was playing, and Mia was taunting Sebastian.

But later, we do  see the front of that same house, in fact, we see it twice.
And since I didn't mention it the first time around, I'll mention it here.

The first time we see the front of the '80s party house is at 30:24, when Mia & Sebastian leave the party, and she persuades him to get her car keys from the valet, in order to get away from the boring Hollywood guy who keeps talking about his pitch.   In that scene, they are standing right in front of that 80s party house:

Then we see the front of the house again in this later scene (at 37:44), where Sebastian returns to pick up his own car. 

That is also directly in front of the '80s house
:  (The producers have added yet another of their iconic blue lamp posts, this one right in front of the party house.)

When Seb drives away, he is heading south on Dorilee Lane, in Encino, CA.


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