Locations #13 thru #17:
(An Overview)

Mia Gives Sebastian a Tour of Her Studio

First, let's set the scene...

We are back at Warner Bros studio and Mia's coffee shop... at least for a moment.
French Street
38:08: We see Mia ( the morning after their "Lovely Night" dance ) happily waltzing down French Street at her busy studio.  ( Is she feeling romantic? )  She crosses the street and enters her coffee shop, where she goes to work behind the counter.

Here's a shot of that southeast side of French Street:

( As you can see, they repainted the facade in brighter colors for the movie,
and added colorful flower boxes and an ornate lamp post. )

We see the coffee shop's full exterior for the first time ( we only saw the interior on the film's first visit here ), a free-standing set which is located at the southwest end of (the northwest side of) French Street, at Warner Bros. studio.

Here's a matching StreetView:

When Sebastian shows up (at 38:24) and asks if she has a break coming up, she tells him she will, in a short while. And then she takes him on a walking tour around her studio, as they talk and get to know each other better, learning about each other's history and dreams.

As we noted earlier, on our page about the coffee shop, French Street is one of the many outdoor sets on the back lot of Warner Bros studio. in Burbank.  It's a relatively small street set, located near the larger Midwest Street.

And only the other  side of French Street is really "French".  Mia's side is kind of a melange of different architectural styles and empty spaces - as you'll soon see.

And now that we've got that introduction out of the way, let's move on to check out the various stops on Mia's studio tour from the spots on French Street to their stroll past more distant sound stages.

This entire scene lasts five minutes.  It runs from 38:08 to 43:08,
and during that time, we visit half a dozen spots around Mia's studio.

Click on the links below to see where
(at Warner Bros) each shot was filmed. 

(And surprise!
One of those locations wasn't shot at Warner Bros at all.)

1. Walking on French Street:

    A.  Mia's Coffee ShopSebastian drops by to visit, and she takes him out on a tour of her movie studio.
  (We've seen this one before - but it's back.)

    B.  Pointing out the Casablanca Window.
Mia shows Sebastian the window where they filmed a scene from "Casablanca".

   C. Watching the Movie ShootThe couple passes a spot where they are filming a scene from a movie, and pause to watch.

Looking into Stage 6. They pause to look inside a large sound stage, where a Hollywood movie set is on display, being made ready for a shoot.

3. Crossing the Studio's
City Street
On their walking tour, they pass an urban street set, with a stately courthouse building at the far end.

4. Walking (& Talking) Between the Sound Stages.  They tell each other their dreams  as they stroll between rows of giant studio sound stages.

A map of their walking tour locations:

(Click here for a larger map of the entire studio)


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Casablanca Window