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  • We then see Eddie arrive at his hotel (called "The Beverly Palm Hotel" in the movie).
  • At first glance, knowing we're supposed to be in Beverly Hills, and having just come from Rodeo Drive, you might mistake this for the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (where "Pretty Woman" was filmed) at the north end of Rodeo Drive. It does look a bit like it. But you'd be wrong.

    This is actually the
    Biltmore Hotel, located 11 miles to the east, at 506 South Grand Ave, in downtown Los Angeles.

    At the Biltmore, Eddie's car pulls up to the southeast side of the hotel (heading southwest on
    Olive Street), where the bellhop takes his bag. (Eddie couldn't do that today - Olive Street is now a one-way street, heading the opposite direction - northeast). In the photo above, the camera is looking north/northwest.

    The hotel interiors were shot inside the same hotel, the Biltmore. Even Eddie's room interior was actually shot in a room upstairs at the hotel (although the producers redecorated it for the scene).

    Later, when the cops (Judge Reinhold & John Ashton) have staked out his hotel, Eddie has a meal delivered to their car, and while they're busy eating it, he sneaks up and stuffs bananas up their car's tailpipe. In this scene, the unmarked police car is parked on the southeast side of Olive Street (across from the southeast side of the hotel, next to Pershing Square park). The car is facing northeast.

  • Looking for a lead on his friend's murder, Eddie goes to an eccentric art gallery to see an old friend, 'Jenny' (Lisa Eilbacher), who works there. 'Mikey' had told him that Jenny helped him get a job, and she confirms this, telling Eddie that she got Mikey a job with the owner of the gallery, Victor Maitland - and that 'Mikey' was working in the gallery's warehouse.
  • Eddie also meets 'Serge' (played by Bronson Pinchot), the gallery's unique receptionist.

    I'm still not sure of the exact address of this "art gallery". The area has just changed too much in 20+ years.

    First, it wasn't really an art gallery. It was actually a shoe store.

    According to the commentary on the DVD, the store was located on Wilshire Blvd, an eighth of a mile east of Rodeo Drive. Now that should have made it easy, right?  Well, not quite.

    Although that description would seem to put the "gallery" in the vicinity of the corner of Wilshire Blvd & Canon Drive, in Beverly Hills - decades later, there is no sign of a shoe store in that area.

    So I studied the background of those gallery scenes to see what was across the street (for instance, there was a Jaeger store, a Thai restaurant, and a City National Bank). But when I tried to match what I saw in the film to what is now on that stretch of Wilshire, there was nothing that even came close. Alas, there have been several new developments in the area, and there are a couple of vacant lots where things might have been torn down - so I suspect that the area has simply changed too much to ever match up exactly to what is seen in the film.

    So, the best I can do is to tell you that the gallery was on Wilshire Blvd, apparently somewhere around Canon Drive.

    If I had to guess, based on sightline and roofs, I'd say that it was probably on the south side of Wilshire, near where the empty lot that is now on the southeast corner of Wilshire & Canon and near the current Ferrari of Beverly Hills dealership (at 9372 Wilshire Blvd). But that's just an educated guess.

    My second guess would be around 9699 Wilshire, where there was both a City National Bank and (at one time) a Jaegar store.  But that is west of Rodeo Drive, so the producer would have had to have misspoken for that to be right, saying "east" when he meant to say "west".

    A fan, Alex, reports that the crate opened by two goons (after Axle and Jenny discover the coffee grounds) has on its side the address "9994 Wilshire".  But that address is far west of Rodeo, near part of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, across from a park, not near a row of shops.  So, unfortunately, the odds are that the prop department just made up that address for the crate.


  • Eddie goes down to Maitland's office to talk with him, and Maitland has his goons throw Eddie through a plate glass window in the front of the office building. When the cops arrive, they arrest Eddie!

    office building is located at the NE corner of Wilshire Blvd & Serrano Avenue (just east of Western Ave), at 3699 Wilshire Blvd, in the Mid-Wilshire District of Los Angeles. (As of 2007, the name "Ceragem" was on the building's east side.)

  • The cops take Eddie (in handcuffs) down to the police headquarters.

    That impressive building is actually the
    Beverly Hills City Hall, located on N. Crescent Drive, just south of N. Santa Monica Blvd. The formal address is 455 N. Rexford Drive, but the entrance you see (above) faces Crescent Drive. (In the photo above, the camera is pointed northeast.)

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