Location #36:

The Jazz Club (again)
( Scene #12 of the Summer Musical Montage  )

(L.)  1:00:44:  We are back at the jazz club, where we see Seb playing the piano with the band, while Mia dances crazily on the crowded floor.

( A key development in this later scene at the jazz club is that an old acquaintance of Seb's, named Keith ( played by John Legend ), shows up at the club and invites Sebastian to join his jazz fusion band - something that leads to major friction between Seb and Mia. )

We've already covered this location in detail from an earlier scene shot here, the one where Seb introduced Mia to live jazz for the first time.  So, there's no reason  to repeat all of that over again here.  If you didn't read that first page about this location, or if you want to re-read it, just click  here.

But the bottom line is that this was filmed at
an actual jazz club:
Lighthouse Cafe

at 30 Pier Ave, in Hermosa Beach, CA.

If you need to know more, just go to the first page and read all about it.

Here is that final scene from the montage:


But there are at least 16 new locations coming up, before we get
 to the final fantasy montage that ends the movie.  So stick around.


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