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And finally, let's add three key locations that were seen
in the second, third and fourth seasons of "The Last Man On Earth":

In Season 2, the gang move together into a hilltop home in Malibu,
atop a rocky promontory overlooking the ocean, where they live for the rest of the season.

In the aerial shot above, the house is real, the ocean promontory
is real,
but the combined view of the two together is totally fake.

That promontory
is actually the Malibu's well-known  Point Dume, but as you'll see
from the aerial photo below, there is no house on top of it, in real life, just empty land.

They just CGI'ed in the house, lawn, trees, etc.

(And, I might add, they did a very convincing job.)

Here is a matching Google Earth aerial view of Point Dume.

So, where is the house itself actually located in real life?

That white house is nowhere near the ocean (although it is atop a small hill).

By now you know that the producers love Chatworth, so it shouldn't surprise you
to find that the house is really at 9361 Farralone Ave, in Chatsworth, CA.

[ This is a private home. Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
or do anything else that might disturb the residents
. ]

Here is a Google Earth aerial view of the house.


In Season 3, Episode 5, after their Malibu compound is attacked by a crazy survivor, they leave
and move into a luxurious office building (which has electricity) for the rest of Season 3.

That office building is located at 8511 Fallbrook Ave, in Canoga Park, CA.

It is part of an office park known as the BRSP West Hills Office Campus.

Here is a  matching Google StreetView of the building.


In Season 4, Episode 5, after the gang has fled America and sailed to
 Zihuatanejo, Mexico, they move into a beautiful Spanish-style mansion.
Unfortunately, it has a violent past, featuring ruthless drug cartel wars.

Of course, they are not really in Mexico.  We're right back in Southern California.

This estate is known as the Hummingbird Nest Ranch,
a popular filming location located at
2940 Kuehner Drive, in Santa Susanna, CA.

That's in the mountains above the Ronald Reagan (118) Freeway, only about
three miles northwest of Chatsworth (where they filmed the first season).

Sitting on 123 acres, the estate has 57 bedrooms and 40 baths,
(but that includes the 16 guest houses, in addition to the main mansion).

The estate was up for sale recently at the tidy sum of $49,500,000.

Not surprisingly, the estate is often used as a wedding site, and for other events
that require a special setting - in addition to filming, of course.

Among other productions, it was seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., True Detective, and Stitchers.

When "The Big Bang Theory"'s Kaley Cuoco got married, on New Years Eve 2014,
she chose this unique spot for the ceremony.

They have their own website at

This is as close as Google StreetView can get to the location.



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