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Stitchers Filming Locations

Actual filming locations for the sci-fi series, "Stitchers".

EPISODE 5: Stitcher in the Rye:

At 07:57, we see the Stitchers team go to a police impound lot,
where they go inside a conspiracy theorist's food truck, to see
if they can find the secret papers that he claimed to have.

Kirsten, using knowledge she gleaned from her "stitch" into the mind of the man,
uses a few tricks to open a secret compartment inside the truck, where
they find his secret stash of information.

The official address is 1030 Alhambra Ave, but this is just a huge empty lot surrounded
by a chain-link fence, on the northeast side of downtown L.A., a few blocks
northeast of Olvera Street, north of Union Station, and southeast of Chinatown.

The food truck is parked on Alhambra, near the northwest corner
of that big empty lot, just outside that chain-link fence.

In the screencap top screenshot, the car is driving north/northeast down N. Alhambra Ave.
(The camera is looking west/southwest at the downtown skyline.)

Here is a matching Google StreetView of that top shot.

Unfortunately, Kirsten manages to set off a booby trap in the process, and
they barely make it out of the food truck before it explodes into flames.

In the two lower screencaps (above) of the truck, the camera is looking south.

That tall building seen in the background
isn't as close as it might appear to be.
 It's actually about a third of a mile to the southeast. It's
Metrolink Headquarters,
located at 1 Gateway Plaza - just behind (east of) Union Station.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the lot and that tall building.


22:00:  The Stitchers team are in a garage, just about to meet with Maggie,
when suddenly gun shots ring out, and Maggie is hit.

Fortunately, she was just shot in the shoulder, and isn't badly hurt.

This scene was filmed near the tunnel and loading dock under
Los Angeles Center Studios
at 1201 W. 5th Street, in downtown L.A..

Center Studios is one of the lesser-known studios, at least to the general public,
but Hollywood does a lot of shooting there. You'd be surprised how
many times it pops up on various TV shows & movies, including
recent episodes of "Extant" and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Here is a Google StreetView of the studio.


: Kirsten meets Marta, her predecessor at the Stitchers program.

Marta had been in a coma until recently, the result of trauma from the Stitchers program,
but now that she's awake, she's warning Kirsten that she's in danger.

Later, Marta is shot & killed.

This scene was filmed in Los Angeles's Chinatown Plaza.

To be more specific, they are on Gin Ling Way, a pedestrian-only street that runs east/west
through the Plaza, between N. Hill Street & N. Broadway, just north of downtown L.A.

(In the screenshot above, the camera is looking east.)

Here is a Google PhotoSphere of Chinatown.

And here is a Google StreetView of the east Chinatown gate.


EPISODE 6: Finally:

00:01: The episode opens with Kirsten & Cameron in a cemetery, at the
grave of Marta (Kirsten's predecessor), who was killed in the last episode.

While there, Kirsten has a flashback of her mother's funeral. She later
returns to her crypt and discovers a hidden key there.

This is actually Mountain View Cemetery,
 at 2400 Fair Oaks Ave, in Altadena, CA.

Altadena is a residential community located just above Pasadena.

There have been quite a few productions shot at this cemetery, including
"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", "No Strings Attached", and 2007's "Halloween".

Here is a Google StreetView of the cemetery.


08:30: During one of Kirsten's memory dives, we see a brain researcher, Dani Fox, lose
control of her car and hit a wall at the end of a dead-end street - killing her.

It appears that someone cut her brakes, so she can't stop the car.

This crash scene was shot on La Venezia Court, a residential street
in Altadena
, right next door to the Mountain View Cemetery.

Dani is driving south on the 2500 block of La Venezia Court,
and hits the wall at the south dead-end of that street.

That block wall actually separates this street from the cemetery.

Here is a Google StreetView of that dead-end wall.


12:25: Kirsten & Cameron go to the "Kaufgetz Institute", where Dani Fox worked,
in order to find evidence about who might have killed her.

They talk to one of her coworkers there (who lies to them), and later to Dr. Sebastian Zuber,
who has been conducting experiments on victims of brain injuries.  Kirsten pretends to
have had a brain injury in a car accident, in order to get into Dani's office.

She winds up being treated by the doctor's experimental machine,
and almost killed by him, to cover up his past failures.

This is actually the Japanese-American National Museum,
at 100 N. Central Avenue, in L.A.'s Little Tokyo.

The bottom screenshot was filmed in the museums main lobby.

That museum lobby has turned up in a lot TV productions lately, including
"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Extant" - and now "Stitchers"!

Here is a Google PhotoSphere of the museum.

And here is a Google StreetView
of the museum.


EPISODE 7: The Root of All Evil

05:22: During one of her dives into the memories of a dead girl, she finds herself
at a pool party at a large mansion "
on Mulholland".

The Stitchers team goes to the mansion to investigate, but the rich owners say
they had no idea there was a party held there - since they were out of town.

Turns out, though, that the wife know a lot more than she's letting on...

In an odd coincidence, I saw this mansion in this scene in another series,
"True Detective",
in that very same week.  And seeing it in "Stitchers" helped me find it, because
this show showed a lot more of the mansion than "True Detective" did.

This estate is known as Hummingbird Nest Ranch, and you'll find it
at 2940 Kuehner Drive, in Santa Susanna, CA.

That's in the mountains above the Ronald Reagan (118) Freeway,
about three miles northwest of Chatsworth.

Sitting on 123 acres, the estate has 57 bedrooms and 40 baths,
(but that includes the 16 guest houses, in addition to the main mansion).

The estate was up for sale recently at the tidy sum of $49,500,000.

Not surprisingly, the estate is often used as a wedding site, and for other events
that require a special setting - in addition to filming, of course.

When "The Big Bang Theory"'s Kaley Cuoco got married, on New Years Eve 2014,
she chose this unique spot for the ceremony.

They have their own website at

This is as close as Google StreetView can get to the location.


15:17: The murdered girl (Brenda Miller) had been pushed off a cliff near Mulholland,
so they also visit her modest apartment, where (using the girl's memories)
Kirsten finds a bag of jewels hidden in the back of her toilet tank.

This is the Havenwood & Burlington apartment house,
at 1330 South Burlington Ave, Los Angeles.

It is just west of downtown, in the Pico-Union neighborhood,
just half a mile west of the L.A. Live center.

Here is a Google StreetView of the address.


Fire in the Hole

There were no new filming locations seen in Episode 8.

More Stitchers locations!


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