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Actual Southern California locations where the 2007 remake of "Halloween
" was filmed.

15 years later, we see Haddonfield High School, which is attended by (Michael's lone surviving
family member, his sister) Laurie Strode and her friends. The "high school" was actually the
South Pasadena Library, located at 1100 Oxley Street, in South Pasadena.

(It's literally right across the street from Michael's elementary school exterior,
and just three blocks northeast of the Myers House.)

After he breaks out of the sanitarium, the escaped Michael Meyers stops at a truck wash,
where he murders a trucker (in a men's room stall), steals his clothes (a jumpsuit),
and takes the man's truck to drive back to his home town of Haddonfield.

They shot those scenes at Castaic Truck Wash, an actual truck stop, right across the street from
the "Rabbit in Red" strip club. The address is
31557 Castaic Road, in Castaic.

( The men's room's stall itself was a fake - a set, built - of all places - inside the
South Pasadena Library, where they filmed Laurie's high school scenes. )

Trying to track down the escaped Michael Meyers, Dr. Loomis goes to the Haddonfield Cemetery,
where he sees that Michael has stolen the headstone from his murdered sister's grave.

These cemetery scenes were shot at the Mountain View Cemetery,
located at
2400 Fair Oaks Ave., in Altadena, CA.

(That's about a mile west of the school used for the elementary school interiors.)

The director says that most of the tombstones seen here were fake ones, brought in for the shoot.

Tracking down Michael Meyers to Haddonville, Dr. Loomis visits the local sheriff
and tries to explain to him that Michael is about to attack his town.

They shot the sheriff's office scenes at the Los Angeles Police Historical Society Museum,
which is located at
6045 York Blvd, in Los Angeles.

( That's less than two miles west of the Meyers & Strode houses. )

( The rest of the action takes place around Haddonville. Michael murders Laurie's parents at the Strode house,
murders Lynda at the Meyers house, attacks Annie at the Wallace house, kidnaps Laurie at the Doyle house,
and is vanquished back at the Meyers house - where it all began)

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