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Actual Southern California locations where the 2007 remake of "Halloween
" was filmed.

In this 2007 remake of "Halloween", Michael Meyers' mother works as a dancer at a strip joint
called "Rabbit in Red". (The school bully uses this fact to taunt Michael in the bathroom.)

They shot those strip club scenes at a hole-in-the-wall called the County Girl Saloon,
at 31602 Castaic Road, in Castaic, CA.

(That's right across the street from the truck wash.)

 That's about half a mile southwest of Castaic Lake, just east of the Golden State (5) Freeway,
between the Ridge Route Road and Lake Hughes Road exits, about 7 miles
north of Magic Mountain amusement park.

Later, young Michael Myers gets his revenge - and commits his first murder.
He follows the school bully into
the woods, and kills him there

Those scenes in the woods were actually filmed at
Griffith Park, in Los Angeles
(the largest city park in America). To be more exact, it was filmed down
in the woods
near the Old Zoo
, west of Griffith Park Drive.  

After he murders his family, young Michael Meyers is confined to Smith's Grove Sanitarium,
where he spends the next 15 years, where he grows up, and from which he later escapes
(after murdering everyone in the asylum).

These Sanitarium scenes were actually shot at the U.S. Veterans Hospital,
located at
16111 Plummer Street., in North Hills, CA.

    The hospital is located in the northeast corner of the San Fernando Valley, three blocks west of the 405 Freeway, and about three miles southwest of the San Fernando Mission. We're mostly shown the southeast side of the building that is located just to the west of the main Lassen Street entrance road.

While Michael is imprisoned in the sanitarium, his shrink, Dr. Samuel Loomis, publishes
a book about his psychopathic patient, and we see Loomis delivering a lecture on the subject
(The Devil's Eyes: the Story of Michael Meyers) in a large
lecture hall.

They shot this lecture scene at Los Angeles City College,
located at
855 N. Vermont Ave, in Los Angeles

That's just a few blocks east of the Hollywood (101) Freeway,
on Vermont, between Santa Monica Blvd & Melrose Ave.

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