Location #51:

  "Seb's" Jazz Club

( Exterior )

Q.  Where is it supposed to be?

We see Seb pull up in his car to a curb, park, and get out.  He's wearing a suit & tie.  He walks around the corner, and along the way he passes a huge, lit poster for a movie called "Eleanor", starring none other than Mia Dolan.  A giant photo of Mia's face stares out from the poster, but Seb doesn't even glance at it.

Obviously, Mia is now a major movie star, and just as obviously, Seb is aware of that, and is now just trying to ignore any painful reminders of his past romance .

As Seb rounds the corner, the camera follows, and we see him walk into the front entrance of his club, which has a doorman, and a black awning over the door.

Alas, this is not the Van Beek, the historic jazz club hat Seb was determined to buy and restore.  He appears to have settled for another location, but still managed to reach his dream of opening his own jazz club.  And it seems to be successful.

1:47:32:  In the screencap below, Mia and her new husband walk back from a restaurant, and are about to get in their car,when they  hear music coming out of the jazz club, and decided to go inside. So Mia accidentally winds up at Seb's club.

( As a friend noted, isn't it a little odd that no one in the club recognizes Mia,
now that she's a big star, especially when there's a giant poster of her outside? )

Q.  Where was it really shot?

This exterior  location of Seb's is "only" 30 miles northwest of Seb's actual interior.

In the real world, this is actually "Black", a nightclub at
 6202 Santa Monica Blvd, in Hollywood.

It's at the southwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd. & El Centro Ave., just a block west of
Hollywood Forever., the cemetery where superstars like Judy Garland and Rudolph Valentino are buried.

When we see Seb park his car and walk around the corner to the club ( in the screencap above ), he parks on the west  side of El Centro Ave, just south of Santa Monica Blvd..  He then walks north past Mia's poster, then he rounds the corner, and walks west on the south side of Santa Monica Blvd. to the club's door.

In the screencap above, the camera is looking west, down Santa Monica Blvd.
Mia and her new husband are walking east  along the south side of Santa Monica Blvd, as they approach 'Black'.

We never see the actual interior Black", just its exterior / front.
The moment they step into Seb's, the camera cuts to its interior location.

In fact, we don't even have to wait until they are inside the club. Once the characters walk through Black's doorway, when we see them walk down a flight of stairs, those stairs actually belong to the other, interior location.

Here's a matching side-view of Black:

And here is a front view of the club:

Black's website: blackhwood.com.

Here is a link to a Google Earth 3-D view of the club.


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