Location #38:

The Men's Clothing Store

Q.  Where is it supposed to be?

We are into yet another musical montage, this one a very brief montage seen over a breezy, orchestral version of City of Stars.  It lasts just over a minute, and in a series of very short shots, it takes us back to locations such as Seb's apartment, the recording studio, Mia's studio coffee shop (where she turns in her apron), and past  the Rialto Theatre.   But along the way, there are brief shots of two new locations. 

This is one of them:

1:10:59:  We see a brief shot of Sebastian in a men's clothing store, where he  is being measured for a new suit, for his upcoming concert tour with Keith's band, "The Messengers".

Where was it really shot?

In the real world, this is a men's clothing store called "Angelino",
located at 944 S. Los Angeles Street, in downtown L.A.

( It's about six blocks south of the location where we'll soon seen Seb suffer through a photo-shoot, while trying to get to Mia's play on time... )

From a look at that screencap and the store's website, it appears that their sports coats tend to lean towards the colorful... to put it nicely.

Here's is a Google StreetView of the store:


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