Location #29:

The Iconic Palm Trees
( Scene #5 of the Summer Musical Montage  )

(E.)  1:00:11:  We see a very brief glimpse of a long row of tall palm trees silhouetted against the sunset.

It seems we get iconic palm tree shots like this in every movie set in L.A.

There are, of course, a lot of places here where you can see long rows of palm trees.  But this perfect line of palms gets photographed more than others.

I tracked them down, and they are in Elysian Park, a large, public park, high on a hill just north of downtown Los Angeles, right next to Dodger Stadium.

These palm trees line both sides of 1025 Elysian Park Road, a park road otherwise known (and mapped) as Angels Point Road

The palms are just north of the
Angels Point lookout spot, which ( with its great view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline ), is also a favorite Hollywood filming location.

The photo in the scene was shot from below, from another park road, known as Park Drive, with the camera looking east  from approximately 1999 Park Drive (which is northwest of Dodger Stadium). 

( But bear in mind that the palms are not on Park Drive, they are on Elysian Park Road.  They were just photographed from Park Drive. )

Here is a matching Google StreetView, from Palm Drive:

And here is a Google StreetView driving on that palm-lined road:

Here is that very short scene from the montage:


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