The Summer Musical Montage

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59:52: - 1:00:44: After Sebastian picks up Mia at her apartment house, the word "Summer" flashes on the screen, a jazzy song called Madeline begins to play in the background, and the movie launches into a musical montage that takes us On a whirlwind tour of LA., with brief stops at twelve separate locations around Los Angeles (most of them tourist spots), where we see Mia & Sebastian enjoying a series of carefree summer dates.

This musical montage packs these dozen locations into less than two minutes screen time, so, as you might surmise, the average shot here only lasts a few seconds.  Some are a mere glimpse.

This overview page will serve as a menu, of sorts, to those twelve locations, to put them in perspective, listing them in order of appearance in the musical montage ( A through L ) , and will include the exact time (within the movie) where you can find each shot.

Just click on the links below to jump to any one of those twelve locations, or better yet, just hit the "Next" arrow at the bottom of each page, after reading it, to step your way through all twelve of them.  They include some of the more interesting spots for visitors to L.A., so you shouldn't miss them...

[ Two of these montage locations are returns to places we've already seen before, on previous pages, so if you are reading these pages in order, you may not want to bother clicking on those two: The Van Beek and the Jazz Club. ]

On each of the following (montage) pages, I'll include the same YouTube montage video that appears below on this page, but each time, I'll adjust it to start & end to show only the specific  location being discussed on that page.

But if you'd like to get a look at the whole montage at once,
here it is, in its entirety:

And now, let's see where that montage takes us...

Click on the photos below:

We see Mia & Sebastian walk along a rustic garden path, enjoying a bit of nature.

(B.)  59:55: 
We see them stroll, at dusk, along a romantic bridge with glowing globe lights.

We see them in a large food hall, sitting at a counter, enjoying a meal.

They're back at Van Beek, where they destroy the hated "Tapas & Tunes" sign.

We see a very brief glimpse of a long row of palm trees silhouetted against the sunset.

  1:00:12:  We see
pier at dusk.  And a couple on the beach

We see them visiting a well-known work of public art, a series of sculptural

(H.)  1:00:17: We get a brief glimpse of an
ornate church

.)  1:00:17: We see a close-up of a colorful Mexican-American mural.

  1:00:19:  Sebastian's sister shows off her engagement ring, next to a large fountain.

1:00:28:  We see them disembarking a unique funicular railway.

  Back at the jazz club, we see Seb playing the piano with the band, while Mia dances crazily
on the crowded floor.


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