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To Live and Die in L.A.  Filming Locations

To Live & Die in L.A."
Filming Locations
.(part 2).

Locations marked by an asterisk (*) may be located in areas with high crime rates.
Exercise reasonable caution.

0:48:17: The check cashing place (where they start chasing two guys who come out of the building) is located at 1701 N. Main Street, next to the L.A. riverbed and the train tracks, in a rough part of north downtown L.A. called Mission Junction (east of Dodger Stadium).*

In real life, it is (or was) a beauty supply warehouse, located just above Chinatown..

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the building.

0:50:30: Rick Masters' warehouse, where he kept his counterfeiting printing press (and where he burns to death at the movie's end), is located east of downtown Los Angeles, just west of the Golden State (5) Freeway, at the far south end of Moulton Avenue (on the east side of Moulton), west of S. Avenue 21, on the north edge of the Taylor Junction railroad tracks.

The address is 692 S. Moulton Ave(In the screencap below, the camera is looking east.)

The smokestack which is visible behind the warehouse (in the photo below) is located about 200 yards to the east, at 650 S. Avenue 21. It started out life in 1904 as the Edison Steam Power Plant.  It's now the L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex.

Here is a Google StreetView of the buildings.

Here is a matching Earth aerial view.

[ Special thanks to Chas Demster, a fan who tracked down this particularly obscure location,
as well as many of the other locations in "To Live & Die In L.A." ]

0:51:44: We next see Masters in Watts, walking past a colorful mural, and agreeing to pay Jeff Rice (Steve James) to arrange the murder of Cody, a "mule" who is currently in prison - but might start talking to police to get out

That Watts mural is on the south-facing wall of what is now "Flores Auto Parts", at 11231 S. Main Street, in south central Los Angeles. That's at the northwest corner of Main & 113th Streets (near the interchange of the 110 and 105 freeways.)

It is only a mile west of the famous Watts Towers.

Unfortunately, some time around 2013, they painted over that mural. It's now just a plain black & white wall on the side of an auto parts store.

In the photos here, Masters & Rice are seen walking west, down the north side of 113th Street, just west of Main Street, at approximately 105 W. 113th Street.


Here is a matching Google StreetView of the building.

[ Warning: Watts has a reputation as gang territory with a high crime rate.
I don't suggest a visit. If you go, exercise caution. ]

52:41: We see a prison yard, where some convicts attempt to kill another prisoner, Cody, but are stopped by shots from a guard tower.

This was shot at the California Men's Colony, Colony Drive,
 in San Luis Obispo, CA.

That's about a 200-mile drive northwest of Los Angeles.

matching aerial photo

56:15: Steve Jones's house, where Jones (Jeff Rice) is attacked (and possibly killed) by Masters (Dafoe), is located in a blue-collar residential neighborhood on the Wilmington/San Pedro border.

The house is located at the west end of a short dead-end street: at 1442 F Street, in Wilmington; it's the last house on the south side of F Street, just east of four large oil tanks from a neighboring refinery.

( Suffice it to say, the place has changed after three decades. )

The street is hidden away behind (west of) the Harbor (110) Freeway, between Figueroa Place (on the east) and a large refinery (on the west). That's just north of the L.A. harbor docks (and just south of Harbor College).

[ Side note: 20 years later, the same house was used as a location on the popular TV show, "The O.C.", where it played the role of a party house in Long Beach.]


Here is a Google StreetView of the house and oil tanks.

[ Warning: Wilmington has a reputation as gang territory; exercise caution. ]

[ Warning: Remember that this is a private home. Do not trespass on their property,
knock on the door, or do anything else to disturb the residents. ]

59:46: Vukovich goes to see 'Judge Filo Cedillo' (Val DeVargas) to get him to sign a writ to let him take Cody out of prison to testify against Masters. The judge gives him a hard time, but eventually signs it.

The judge's courtyard (above) that we see Vukovich walk through is located on the southwest side of the 444 S. Flower Street building, what is now known as CitiGroup Center, in downtown Los Angeles.
That's at the northeast corner of Flower & 5th Street.
Vukovich is walking north across the plaza. 

(Thanks, Aaron!) 

Here is a Google StreetView of the plaza.

1:03:04: The hospital (called "Santa Fe Hospital" in the film), where Cody pretends to have a sick relative (and where he escapes from Chance), was actually the old Linda Vista Hospital, located at 610 S. St. Louis Street, in the Boyle Heights section of East Los Angeles.

That's just east of downtown L.A., south of 6th Street, and next to Hollenbeck Park.

Empty since 1990, the 1937 hospital has been used as the filming location for many a movie and TV show, including "Pearl "Harbor", " Dexter", Arnold Schwarzenneger's "End of Days", and Jennifer Lopez's "The Cell".

Here is a Matching StreetView of the hospital.

[ Warning: This area has had gang problems - exercise reasonable caution. ]

1:04:35: We see John Vukovich (John Pankow) crossing a downtown street lined with brownstones, and enter a dim, narrow bar. Inside, he meets with Masters' attorney (Dean Stockwell), who is getting worried about his relationship with Masters and wants to help Chance & Vukovich set him up. He arranges a meeting with Masters at his gym.

This bar meeting scene was shot at 2059 E. 7th Street, at the northwest corner of 7th Street and Santa Fe Ave, on the east side of downtown L.A.

In real life, it's a rundown, graffiti-covered brick building in a rough industrial district, east of the Skid Row area, a former actual bar that now seems to be used mainly as a filming location. This tiny dive bar has been popular with location scouts.  It also appeared in the movies "In Time" and "Horrible Bosses".

When we watch John cross the street, at the start of the scene (top photo), the camera is looking south from Santa Fe, just north of 7th, as he crosses Santa Fe Ave from east to west. He actually enters the east side of the building (on the west side of Santa Fe).

In the interior photo, John is walking south inside the bar (towards 7th).

In the photo below, the camera is looking south/southeast down Santa Fe Ave, from just north of 7th Street, as the two men walk north up the west side of Santa Fe Ave. The cross-street (and traffic lights) seen behind them is 7th.


Here is a StreetView of the bar.

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* Locations marked by an asterisk (*) may be located in areas with high crime rates.
Exercise reasonable caution.

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