Horrible Bosses - Filming Locations (part 2)

Horrible Bosses - Filming Locations
Part 2

 The Southern California locations where
"Horrible Bosses" was filmed.

Driving over bridge

0:32:26: Still determined to hire a hit-man to kill their horrible bosses, the guys go out
driving in search of a suitable killer.  In this scene, we see them drive over a bridge,
at night, as they try to figure out where to look.

They contact their Indian GPS Nav-Guide ("Gregory") to ask for the most dangerous bar around.
  He suggests a place, based on the number of hijackings in the surrounding neighborhood.

This driving scene was shot on the 6th Street bridge, in downtown Los Angeles. They are near the west
end of the bridge (near Santa Fe Avenue), heading east, as it leaves the downtown warehouse district.
From there, it arches over the Los Angeles River and the railroad tracks, and heads into East L.A.

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the bridge.


Pellit & Son Chemical Company

0:34:13 - Following their GPS guide's advice, they head to a dangerous-looking bar in a bad part of town.

But once inside, they have no idea of just how to recruit a hit-man from among the rough-looking crowd.

As they are about to leave, they are approached in the parking lot by one M.F. Jones (Jamie Foxx), who tells them he can help them - for $5,000.

They meet him there later, and give him the money, but all he offers them is advice - straight from "Strangers on a Train".

They filmed this scene at a former bar in the warehouse district of downtown L.A., at 2059 E. 7th Street
(that's the northwest corner of 7th & Santa Fe Ave, just two blocks south of their 6th St bridge location).

When we first see them driving in (top photo), they are headed north on Santa Fe Ave.
  The mural we see is real, and is on the east-facing wall of the building.

They park in the rear lot, on the building's north side (bottom photo),
which is where they meet up with M.F. Jones.

[ As you might expect, this isn't the safest neighborhood in town.
If you visit (which isn't a great idea), exercise reasonable caution
. ]

( This same bar was seen in the 2011 sci-fi movie "In Time".  It's where the hero
meets the suicidal rich man who gives him all of his valuable time. )

Here is a matching Google StreetView of the bar.


Hennings Professional Building

0:44:21: After deciding that they will kill each other's horrible bosses, the guys decide that it's best
to investigate them first, to devise the best way of getting rid of each one.

In this scene, the guys show up in front of the home of Curt's boss, Pellit's son, Bobby (Colin Farrell).

While they're snooping about the yard, the garage door opens, and they sneak into the house.
There, they rummage about and make a mess, and accidentally get high on Pellit's cocaine.

Later on, while Kurt is watching the house, he witnesses Dale's boss (Kevin Spacey) come
to the house (in a fit of jealousy) and murder Bobby Pellit when he opens the front door.

You can find this house at 2428 Glendower Ave, in the hills
above L.A.'s Los Feliz district, just below Griffith Park.

(It appears that the producers added a neon artwork between two of the upper windows.)

[ Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything that might disturb the residents
. ]

Here is a Google StreetView of the house.



0:39:06: To get money to pay the "hit-man" they met at the bar, Dale withdraws cash from an ATM.

This scene was shot at a gas station mini-mart. The ATM is a fake prop.

It was the Chevron station at 5960 Canoga Ave, in Woodland Hills, at the southeast corner of
Canoga & Oxnard - right across the street (east of) the TGI Friday's that is the guys' favorite bar.

(Here is a Google StreetView panorama of the station/market.)


The apartment

0:50:30: Next, the guys go to case the home of Nick's horrible boss, Mr. Harkin (Kevin Spacey).
While Nick & Kurt go inside, Dale stays out in the car as the lookout. But when
Harkin arrives home unexpectedly, and suffers a peanut allergy attack, Dale
saves his life (by stabbing him in the chest multiple time with a hypodermic).

Later, the guys return to the house, during a surprise party, to confront Harkin over his
murder of Kurt's boss. But that plan goes awry and he threatens to kill them.

You'll find this house at 5135 Shoshone Ave, in Encino, CA,
about three miles west of the guys' apartment house.

Here's a matching Google StreetView for the house.


[ Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything that might disturb the residents
. ]


1:00:00: Determined to kill their horrible bosses, the guys go shopping at a warehouse store.
Nick buys rat poison, while Dale buys a dozen bottles of peanuts (for Mr. Harkin's peanut allergy).

This scene was shot at a closed hardware store called All-American Home Center,
located at 7201 Firestone Blvd, in Downey, CA.

It's about five miles west of the Pellit Chemical Company.

(I recognized this store from its appearances in two previous films: "License to Wed" and "Disturbia".)

Horrible Bosses

Here is a Google StreetView of the store.


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