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 The actual Southern California locations where
the 2007 movie "
License To Wed" was filmed.

When Ben & Sadie go shopping for wedding stuff, it's back to Pasadena.

Remember the scene in the jewelry store where Ben orders a wedding ring with the
engraving "Never To Part"... which ends up as... well, something else?

Those jewelry store scenes were filmed at Place Vendome Jewelry,
located at 48 Hugus Alley (in the "One Colorado" center), in Pasadena.


When Sadie goes shopping for her wedding dress, that bridal gown scene was
filmed at Mary Linn's Bridal, located at 82 S. Fair Oaks Ave, in Pasadena.
( That's on the west side of the famous Castle Green apartments, just a
few blocks southeast of the jewelry store. )


Ben & Sadie go to a cheese sampling party with her family, where Rev. Frank gets them to
play a game where they try to describe each other using just one word. Naturally, that soon
results in everyone being insulted... Those cheese party scenes were filmed at
Biltmore Hotel, at 506 S. Grand Ave, in downtown Los Angeles.


During Ben & Sadie's stressful times, we see Ben complaining to his friend, 'Joel' (DeRay Davis),
while they ride on a forklift through a large home improvement / hardware store.

These hardware store scenes were shot at the All-American Home Center,
located at
7201 E. Firestone Blvd., in Downey, CA.

( That same store was seen earlier in 2007 in the thriller, "Disturbia". )


In his craziest stunt, Reverend Frank blindfolds Sadie, and has her drive around Chicago
while Ben tries to give her directions from the back seat. These
driving test scenes
were shot around downtown L.A.

The photo above, where Sadie is heading the wrong way (against oncoming traffic),
was filmed while
heading east on 11th Street, just west of Olive, in downtown L.A.
(To the left, you can see the Los Angeles Job Corp, at 217 W. 11th Street.)

The photo below, where Sadie almost hits a garbage truck, was shot while driving
east on 4th Street, just west of Main Street, in downtown L.A.
(To the left, you can see the Barclay Hotel, at 103 W. 4th Street.)


The final shot in the driving test sequence is an insane parking scene, where Sadie's car
does a dramatic 180-degree skid-turn, to slide sideways into a tight, curbside
parking spot.

That scene was filmed right in front of (north of) St. Augustine's. In the photo below, we are
looking north across W. 3rd Street at the Willmore Building, an apartment house
315 W. 3rd Street (between Cedar Avenue & N. Dell Court), in Long Beach.

The building also houses La Traviata restaurant, which features live opera singers.

( An interesting side note from Jim Woods: 3rd Street is a one way street, heading west.
Yet the cars in this scene - including the Driving School car - are facing east. )


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