Filming Locations
Part 2

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  • The final neighbor of Kale is Mr. Turner, a seemingly average guy who is first seen mowing his lawn. It turns out that Mr. Turner has a more sinister side...
  • You would naturally think that Mr. Turner's (blue) house would be located on the northeast side of Kale's home on Painter Avenue. But appearances can be deceiving.

    Although all of the other homes in the movie are in Whittier, where they appear to be, our villain's blue house was actually located 15 miles away, at 3077 E. California Blvd., in Pasadena, CA. (That's about a mile and a half northeast of The Huntington Library & Gardens.)

    And, in fact, the house isn't even really blue! It was a white house that they painted blue for the movie, then painted white again when they were finished filming.

    To complicate matters even further, the view of the house that we see in the movie is almost always the rear of the house and the garage behind it, not the front of the house. The room above the garage is where Turner murders the woman (while Kale & Ashley are kissing.) The driveway in the back of the house is where Ronnie breaks into Turner's car. We only see the actual front of the house once, late in the film.

    But it gets worse. What appears to be the back yard of Kale's house is actually the back yard (north) of Turner's blue house. This trick was used every time Kale goes into his back yard. Kale's house is in Whittier, but his back yard is in Pasadena!

    There is actually a swimming pool in the back yard of Turner's home Pasadena. The producers covered that pool with lawn and added a fake wooden fence to make it look like you were seeing both Kale's back yard and Mr. Turner's property.

    This Pasadena lawn is where we see Kale setting up his lawn gnomes as boundary markers, and where he later struggles (with Turner) to try to reach the fence (to set off his ankle alarm).

    In the photos above, we are looking south, at the back of the Turner house.

    We finally see the front of Mr. Turner's house (below) late in the film,
    when Kale get desperate enough to enter the house.
    The camera is looking north by northwest (pun intented).

[ Warning: This is a private home. Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their door, or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

  • There is a tense scene in which Ashley follows Mr. Turner into a hardware store (while talking to Kale on her cell phone). The director commentary says this was filmed in Whittier. it wasn't. It was actually shot at the All-American Home Center, located at 7201 E. Firestone Blvd., in Downey, CA. (That's a good 10 miles southwest of Whittier).

  • When Ashley returns to her car, in a parking garage, she is confronted by Turner, who corners her in her car and intimidates her. You would assume that the parking garage would be next to the hardware store, right? Wrong. But it is fairly close by. It's next to (east of) the Edwards Cinema (movie theatres) at 8630 Garfield Ave., in South Gate. Granted, it's technically in another city (and across the Los Angeles River), but it's actually just two or three blocks west of the hardware store.

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