Seeing Stars: Where the Movies Were Shot (on Location)

1994 (part 1)

  • Part of the 1994 Disney fantasy "ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD" was filmed at the home of the California Angels baseball team, Edison International Field (formerly called Anaheim Stadium, 2000 State College Blvd.) in Anaheim, just a few miles east of Disneyland. (But the "Big A" was used only for the movie's exterior shots. The action scenes on the field were shot at the Oakland Coliseum.)

  • In the 1994 comedy "CLEAN SLATE," private eye Dana Carvey attends a chic fashion show held at a museum, where the models strut on a runway next to full-size dinosaur skeletons. That scene was shot inside the main lobby of the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, in Exposition Park.

    Other scenes in that same movie showed Carvey walking past the Natural History Museum's colorful dioramas of (taxidermied) wild animals. Those same dioramas and stately marble hallways were used in the party scenes for 1990's "BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES," where Tom Hanks' character watches helplessly as his wife meets his mistress. And they were also seen in 1992's "NO PLACE TO HIDE" with Kris Kristofferson & Drew Barrymore.*

  • In the sexy 1994 thriller, "COLOR OF NIGHT," Bruce Willis played a psychiatrist who led an unusual group therapy meeting - and one of his patients was a murderer. His office was high in a blue-green glass skyscraper. That executive tower is really located at 11400 Olympic Boulevard (between Purdue and Butler), in the Sawtelle district of West Los Angeles, and is clearly visible from the junction of the San Diego (405) and Santa Monica (10) Freeways. In that same film, the most memorable moment came when someone pushed a car off the roof of a parking structure; it fell several stories to the street below, barely missing Bruce Willis. That parking structure is located right across the street from the executive tower (on the east side of Purdue, between Olympic and Tennessee.)

  • Before they built the set to "Batman Forever" in the Queen Mary dome, they had shot other movies there. When you saw Kurt Russell fighting it out in the futuristic world of the 1994 movie "STARGATE," you were actually seeing one of the largest movie sets ever built, erected inside the huge geodesic dome next to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. The dome was also used to create the magical theatre / projection room in Schwarzenegger's 1993 film "THE LAST ACTION HERO."

  • In 1994's "WOLF," Jack Nicholson's character spends a lot of time at work inside the ornate office building of a New York publishing company. If those birdcage elevators look familiar, that's because the interiors for "WOLF" were really shot inside the inside the historic Bradbury Building (at 304 S. Broadway), in downtown Los Angeles.

    This was also the atmospheric location where Harrison Ford fought the evil replicant in 1982's "BLADE RUNNER." The building's classic 1893 architecture was also used in "CHINATOWN" (1974).

    In the original film noir 1950 classic "D.O.A.", the final shootout between Frank Bigelow (Edmond O'Brien) and the man who poisoned him, Halliday, takes place on the wrought-iron stairs on the top floor of the Bradbury Building. *

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