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The 2005 spy spoof, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
as married assassins trying to kill each other) centered around their large colonial home,
which was supposed to be in Long Island, NY.

It wasn't.  As usual, it was sunny California.

You'll find the 'Smith house'
1565 San Pasqual Street, in PasadenaCA.

(That is just east Cal-Tech campus and just south of Pasadena City College. The house
is on the north side of San Pasqual, just two houses east of Ninita Pkwy.)

[ Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their doors, or do anything that might disturb the residents. ]

This aerial view of the street (above) was shot from just west of the Smith house,
(looking east), from around 1550 or 1562 San Pasqual (and from above, via a crane shot).


The 2005 fantasy film, "Zathura" (from the author of "Jumanji"), told the story of a mysterious game which sends two young brothers (and their house) flying into space for an adventure.

At the start of the film, we see the two boys, Walter and Danny Budwing, playing catch with their dad on the front lawn of their house. That Craftsman house (which ends up floating in space) is actually located at 216 Oaklawn Avenue, in South Pasadena.

[ Warning: This is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property,
knock on their doors, or do anything that might disturb the residents. ]

Although the 2005 sci-fi film, "THE ISLAND" (with Ewan McGregor & Scarlett Johansson) would appear to have been filmed in downtown L.A., the truth is that much of what appears to be L.A. is actually downtown Detroit (where the director found it easier to close down streets for filming on weekdays).

But there are at least three very recognizable Southern California landmarks which do make an appearance in the thriller:


  • The first is Union Station, which we see as the train station when Ewan & Scarett arrive in Los Angeles after first escaping from the clone factory. Union Station is an actual train station, on the northeast side of downtown L.A.  It can be found at 800 N. Alameda Street (across from Olvera Street).


  • The second location is the Gas Company Tower, which was the 60-story tall skyscraper with the giant red letter "R" on the side (where Ewan & Scarlett almost fell to their deaths). You can find the building at 555 W. 5th Street, in downtown L.A. (between Olive St. & Grand Ave.)

  • The third locale is the Gerald Desmond Bridge, which links Long Beach, CA with Terminal Island and San Pedro (in the Los Angeles/Long Beach harbor). We see the bridge during that lengthy car chase scene where Ewan has kidnapped his 'sponsor' (also played by Ewan) and is fleeing a number of cars & flying vehicles that are shooting at them as they race the wrong way on the bridge. You can also catch glimpses of the nearby Vincent Thomas bridge in the background, as well as the oil refineries which dot the Terminal Island area. You'll find the bridge at the west end of Ocean Blvd in Long Beach (just past Pier D Ave, if you're heading west), or a mile past the east end of the Vincent Thomas Bridge (if you're heading east).


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