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The Oscar for Best Picture of 1999 went to "AMERICAN BEAUTY," starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening. While the exteriors of the two main houses were sets on the back lot of Warner Ranch in Burbank, two real homes (a good 12 miles apart) were used for filming of the interior shots of both Spacey's house and the Colonel's house.

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  • The actual home used as Kevin Spacey's ('Lester') house was located in Brentwood, at 11388 Homedale Street.
  • The actual home used for the Colonel's house was located in the Hancock Park district, at 330 S. Windsor Blvd. [Buy the movie.]

    • And while we're on the subject of "AMERICAN BEAUTY," who can forget "Mr. Smiley"? This was the fast food drive-through where Lester's wife Carolyn (Annette Bening) and 'The King' were caught cheating when they drove through following a trist, only to find Lester (Kevin Spacey) manning the cashier window. So, where is the real Mr. Smiley? Well, it turns out to be in the west Valley, at the southwest corner of Saticoy Street and Winnetka Ave. Right now, it's gone back to being a regular Carl's Jr. restaurant. The address is 20105 Saticoy Street, in Canoga Park.

    • Two other quick "AMERICAN BEAUTY" locations:

      • When Carolyn (Annette Bening) went target shooting with "The King", the location was the Police Academy pistol range, at 1880 N. Academy Drive, next to Dodger Stadium.

    • Most of the high school classroom scenes with Thora Birch and Mena Suvari (including the hallway mural and the bathroom gag) were shot at Long Beach Polytechnic High at 1600 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, CA. *

  • The 1999 comedy, "BLAST FROM THE PAST," starred Brendan Fraser as a naive man raised in a fallout shelter (after his family mistakenly believes there has been a nuclear war) , who emerges into the modern world, unprepared for the changes.

    Along the way, Brendan meets a modern girl named 'Eve', played by Alicia Silverstone, who doesn't know what to make of him - and he eventually winds up at her house. That blue wood-frame house is actuallly located in Hollywood, at 1972 Canyon Drive, just north of Hollywood Blvd and east of Bronson.
    *  [Buy the movie.]

    • Other locations used in "Blast From the Past" include:

      • Union Station (at 800 N. Alameda in downtown L.A.): the classic train station was used for the movie's dance club scenes.

      • The Hollywood Rennissance Hotel, located at 1755 Highland Ave., in the new Hollywood & Highland center: formerly the Holiday Inn, it was the hotel where Brendan stayed on the evening after he left the fallout shelter.

      • 7216 to 7222 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Canoga Park: a strip of storefronts in the Valley, used as the tacky shops encountered by Brendan and his dad when they first emerge from the fallout shelter. "Mom's" diner was probably at 7222 Topanga Blvd., while the adult video store was at 7218 Topanga. (These were mostly empty storefronts at the time - there was no actual porno store in the area.)

      • 9036 Glen Oaks Blvd., in Sun Valley: the Public Storage garage where Eve helps Brendan stash his survival supplies (in unit G-101) after a day of shopping. *

  • The 1999 biopic, "MAN ON THE MOON," starring Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman contains a scene recreating Kaufman's famous 1979 concert at Carnegie Hall. But they actually shot the scene here in downtown L.A., in the classic Los Angeles Theatre (at 615 S. Broadway.) Universal took out newspaper ads asking for locals to work as extras, and asked them to show up wearing "upscale New York evening wear." The Los Angeles Theatre is part of the historic Broadway theatre district. *  [Buy the movie.]

  • The 1999 thriller, "8 MM," starring Nicolas Cage, has a scene set in a cemetery, where Cage, fighting with an opponent on the second floor of a house, crashes out of a window onto the cemetery grounds. That scene was shot at the Sunnyside Cemetery at 1095 E. Willow Street, in Long Beach. [Buy the movie.]

    In the 1999 comedy "LOST & FOUND," David Spade is so infatuated with the beautiful French girl (Sophie Marceau) who lives in the apartment next to his that he steals her dog - so he can pretend it's lost and help her look for it. Well, that Spanish-style apartment house where they both lived is actually located in the Alamitos Bay area of Long Beach, at 291 Bayshore Ave.  [Buy the movie.]

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