Seeing Stars: Where the Movies Were Shot (on Location)


  • Remember the scene from 1997's "AS GOOD AS IT GETS," where Jack Nicholson takes Helen Hunt to a Baltimore restaurant and messes up their budding romance?
  • That scene was actually shot in Long Beach, California, at (what was then) an empty restaurant known formerly as "The Windrose". It is now open again as Khoury's Restaurant (at 110 N. Marina Drive, in Long Beach). You might not recognize it right away, though, because in that scene, Jack and Helen enter the restaurant from its rear patio, which faces the sea.

    In the same scene, Jack doesn't meet the restaurant's dress code, so he dashes to a nearby store for a new set of clothes. That was actually one of the shops right next door to Khoury's, in the Alamitos Bay Landing center, in the Long Beach marina.
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  • In another scene from "AS GOOD AS IT GETS," Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt walk along a waterfront pier on the Chesapeake Bay. That scene was actually shot at the Seal Beach Pier (at the end of Main Street in Seal Beach). They decorated the pier with thousands of lights for the shot. (It's the same pier where they shot the TV soap opera "Sunset Beach.") [Buy the Movie.]

    In 1997, director Quentin Tarantino shot scenes from "JACKIE BROWN" (with Robert De Niro, Samuel L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda and Michael Keaton) in the food court at the Del Amo Fashion Center mall (Hawthorne Blvd. at Torrance Blvd, in Torrance), with a local Japanese fast food stand, the Tokyo Grill, playing a role under the assumed name of the "Teriyaki Donut."   (This is the same mall food court where they shot scenes from "Valley Girl" a decade earlier.) [Buy the Movie.]

  • Scenes for that same Terantino movie, ("JACKIE BROWN") set at the fictional "Cherry Bail Bonds" run by bondsman Robert Forster, were actually filmed a few miles east of the mall, at Carson Bail Bonds (at 724 E. Carson St., in Carson, across the street from Carson City Hall.)    (In 2009, they tore down the strip mall that housed the bail bonds office.)

  • In 1997's "L.A. CONFIDENTIAL," remember the "Night Owl Coffee Shop," which was the scene of the bloody murder at the heart of the film?

    Well, the "Night Owl" was really J and J's Sandwich Shop (at 119 E. Sixth Street), east of Pershing Square, in downtown Los Angeles. [Buy the Movie.]

  • And while we're on the subject of "L.A. CONFIDENTIAL," we have to mention that a key scene involving a case of mistaken identity with Lana Turner (where the detective mistakes the actress for a look-alike hooker) was shot at the legendary Formosa Cafe. (at 7156 Santa Monica Boulevard, in West Hollywood).
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