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    Eddie and 'Jenny' go to Maitland's art warehouse to check things out. While there, they see two guys unpacking a crate, which is full of illegal bonds (hidden in with the artwork).

    That "warehouse" building is located at 3550 W. 6th Street, in Koreatown. It's at the southeast corner of 6th Street & Normandie. That's just 5 blocks east (and 1 block north) of the office building where Eddie got thrown through the glass window. *

    But it's not a warehouse. In real life, it's a low-rent office building, known as the Abbey Building, and contains such diverse businesses as PIP Printing, Abbey Properties Self-Storage, a Korean dance studio, a Taekwondo school, and a liberal lobby group called Peace Action West.

    On their first (night time) visit to the warehouse (seen in the photo above), he and 'Jenny' are in their car, heading south on Normandie Ave (just south of 6th St) when they pull up outside the warehouse. They park on the west side of Normandie and walk towards the east side of the building. When they exit, they leave through a stairway on the south side of the building. (Jenny hangs a U-turn that sends the car back north on Normandie, towards 6th St.)

    On their second visit (in the daytime, with cop Judge Reinhold in tow ), they park in a narrow alley on the west side across the street (west of Normandie). They enter the warehouse by climbing the stairs on the south side of the building.

    Reinhold, waiting in the car in the alley, observes Jenny being taken away, and goes to check. He sprints east, across Normandie Avenue, to the building. After the rescue, they run back down the stairs (on the south side), back to the car in the alley, then their leaving car turns right (south) on Normandie.

    Eddie takes conservative cops Judge Reinhold & John Ashton to a strip club.

    (While there, he spots two guys about to rob the place, and foils the robbery.)

    On the DVD, the production designer says: "It's a bar on Sunset, just east of Western Ave", that it was actually a "go go dancer" type bar, and that "the exterior architecture was Moorish."

    So I went looking for the spot on Sunset.

    But after 20+ years, things change. As best I can determine, the strip club may well have been a former "gentleman's club" known as "Aladdin", at 5214 W. Sunset Blvd. It fits the clues: it was on Sunset, just east of Western Ave, and that Arabian name would suggest that a Moorish architecture would fit in with the club's theme.

    The place went through a number of name changes over the next 23 years, but remained a strip joint until its most recent incarnation. That building is now (in 2007) a club/rock concert venue known as "Safari Sams", at 5214 W. Sunset Blvd. But there is no Moorish architecture to be seen now.

    I emailed Sam's and asked if a major motion picture had been filmed there back in the '80s (without revealing the title), and they emailed me back to say that they had heard that "Beverly Hills Cop" was filmed there, but they hadn't been able to verify it.

    So there you are, that's my best guess.  I'd say there's probably about a 70% chance that it was Safari Sam's... *

    Eddie follows the guys with the crate full of bonds and ends up at another warehouse. Jenny tells him its a "bonded warehouse" where "they hold up foreign shipments until they clear customs". Inside, he discovers that Maitland is smuggling drugs, as well as the bonds.

    This customs warehouse is actually the Korean Air cargo terminal on the south side of LAX. It's located just north of the 105 freeway, between Sepulveda and Imperial Highway. The address is 6101 W. Imperial Highway.

    Eddie follows Maitland to the exclusive Harrow men's club, where he confronts him in front of his friends.

    The Harrow club was actually the
    Faculty Club building (known as The Athenaeum) on the campus of CalTech (the California Institute of Technology), at the SE corner of California Blvd & Hill Ave, in Pasadena.

    The movie's climatic shoot-out takes place at the Maitland mansion (the villain's home), which is supposed to be in Beverly Hills.

    It's not. Which might have made it hard to find the house.

    But fortunately, the producers did us a favor. Not only did they show us the house number ( 609, clearly visible on the gate ), they also showed us the two street signs at the corner of Channel Road & Dryad Road, which is where you'll find the front gate to the estate. The exact address is 609 E. Channel Road, in the canyon between Santa Monica & Pacific Palisades.

    Most of the action at Maitland's mansion (including the photos above & below) takes place in the gardens and pool area near the smaller house on the northeast side of the estate, not in the larger, main house.

    [ Warning: this is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
    or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

    But the owners of the house wouldn't let them film inside the "Maitland" mansion.

    So, for the interior scenes of the mansion, they found another mansion with similar Mediterranean arches.

    But this house has a unique history all its own. A fortress-like home, rising above the Lake Hollywood reservoir, it was known as Castillo del Lago (Castle of the Lake). It was originally owned by mobster Bugsy Segal, who opened it as a speakeasy in 1938, during Prohibition. In the 1990's, Madonna lived there for several years.

    [ Warning: this is a private home.  Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
    or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

    You'll find it just above 6342 Mulholland Highway (at Canyon Lake Drive), and below Durand Drive, overlooking he northeast side of Lake Hollywood.

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