The Poltergeist Neighborhood
(All photos courtesy of Kevin Sandoval.)

Although the house used as the exterior of the Feeling's home in the movie "Poltergeist" is located in Simi Valley, CA, most of the neighborhood shots were filmed in the city of Agoura Hills, CA, in the areas seen on the map below.  You can get to this neighborhood by exiting Kanan Road from the 101 Freeway and turning north (right if coming from Los Angeles or left if coming from Thousand Oaks.)  Then make a right turn (east) on Idle Drive and follow the map to the various locations.  As the script called for, this neighborhood was very new at the time "Poltergeist" was filmed (1981) and has "grown up" quite a bit over the past 22 years.

The photographer, Kevin Sandoval, lives just a few blocks from here and has heard rumors that graves of the Chumash Indian tribe that inhabited this area in the 1800's were actually excavated and relocated to what is now Chumash Park in order to build homes here.  How much truth there is to that rumor we have no idea...

A screen shot of a tree and street as they look during the opening credits of the film.

The same tree and street (looking south down Rustling Oaks Drive) as they are today (May 2003)

The house used as the exterior of the Freeling's home as seen in 2001.  It is located at
4267 Roxbury Street in Simi Valley, CA.  Unfortunately, the 1994 Northridge
earthquake, time, and vandalism have taken a toll on this once beautiful home.

(Photos courtesy of Kevin Sandoval.)

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* Locations marked by an asterisk (*) may be located in areas with high crime rates.
Exercise reasonable caution.

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