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( Part 2 )

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  • Mel & Danny get a call that takes them to a tall white building where a man is threatening to jump off the roof. Mel goes up to try to talk him down, but crazy Mel ends up handcuffing himself to the guy and forcing him to jump off the roof with him (fortunately, they land safely on a police air bag).
  • That white building that they jumped from was the Emser Building, at 8431 Santa Monica Blvd, in West Hollywood. (Thatís at the northeast corner of Santa Monica and Olive Drive, two blocks east of La Cienega Blvd.)

    [ Emser, by the way, is a company that sells tile and natural stone. ]

    In the photo above, the camera is looking east - and they jump west, towards N. Olive Drive.

  • After that stunt, we see poor Danny off to the side of the road, on a freeway overpass, talking on the phone (about crazy Mel) to the police psychologist .

    That overpass is actually the
    Universal Studios Boulevard overpass, spanning the Hollywood (101) Freeway, as the freeway cuts through the Cahuenga Pass from Hollywood to the Valley, next to Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • In the photo above, the camera is looking west/northwest.

  • Our heroes decide to talk to the witness, a hooker who they encountered outside the crime scene, so they go to Dixie's house, in a poor neighborhood. After talking with some kids playing on the corner, they walk towards the small, white house, when it suddenly explodes!

    That exploding house was located at 4251 111th Street (at the northeast corner of 111th & Larch Avenue), in Lennox, CA.

    Unfortunately, that small white house no longer exists (which shouldn't come as a big surprise). The house, and all the other houses on the block (to its east and north), were torn down to make room for a new school: Moffett Elementary School, at 11050 Larch Ave, in Lennox.

    Likewise, the houses across the street (on the south side of 111th Street), where the kids were playing, were also torn down, to make way for the schoolís parking lot. The location is just one street north of the Century (105) Freeway.  *

  • The next location is a sea change... going from the tiny house in Lennox to a mansion perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific.

    This is the home of the victimís father Michael Hunsaker, a wealthy man, who, it turns out, is involved in running the drugs that killed his daughter. While Mel and Danny are there, they are attacked by a gunman in a helicopter who strafes the house with bullets, killing the father.

    This cliff-top mansion is located on the coast, at 2817 Via Segovia, atop the hills of Rancho Palos Verdes.

    That's at the tip of Via Segovia, just west/southwest of Paseo Del Mar (and  north of the Point Vicente lighthouse and south of Rocky Point. 

    [ Warning: This is a private home. Do not trespass on their property, knock on their door,
    or do anything else that might disturb the residents. ]

  • Mel & Danny escape the helicopter attack, but the bad guys keep gunning for them.

    Mel goes to interview another hooker (at night, in the rain) on a city street corner, and a bad guy in a car speeds past and shoots him in the chest, knocking him back through a storeís plate glass window. (Mel survives because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest.)

    That drive-by shooting scene was filmed at the intersection of 3rd Street & S. Sweetzer Avenue, in West Los Angeles. (Thatís five blocks east of the Beverly Center mall, and about seven blocks west of Farmers Market & The Grove.)

    Here's how the action played out:

    • When we first see Mel, he's walking east on the north side of 3rd Street, just west of Sweetzer Ave.

    • He stops at the northwest corner of 3rd & Sweetzer to talk to the hooker.

    • Suddenly, a car comes from the south down Sweetzer, heading north through the intersection.

    • A gunman in the back seat of the car shoots Mel with a shotgun, blasting him back through the glass window on the east side of the corner store at 8303 W. 3rd Street. (At last check, that address currently houses an interior design gallery named OK.)

    • The car then U-turns and heads back south up Sweetzer.

    • After Danny gets Mel to his feet, they begin walking back west down 3rd Street.

    Click here  for a map of the various action points in this scene.

  • Believing that Mel is dead, the bad guys go after Danny, and kidnap his teenage daughter, forcing Danny to go out to the middle of the desert to meet them and make an exchange - his life for hers. The bad guys show up with several cars and a helicopter. A fire fight breaks out, but in the end, Mel, Danny and his daughter are all captured.

    desert fight scene was the only scene in Lethal Weapon shot outside of greater Los Angeles.

    They filmed it at
    El Mirage, a huge dry lake bed northwest of Victorville, California, which is about 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

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Exercise reasonable caution.

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