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The Stars' Favorite Restaurants

Not all Hollywood restaurants are owned by stars; many restaurants are famous simply because of the many showbiz celebs who frequent them.

Some, such as Chasen’s and Spago, became Hollywood legends. Others, such as Morton’s, are high-profile "power scenes," where agents, actors, and other show biz players go to be seen and to make deals.

Some, such as the Hotel Bel-Air, entice their wealthy celebrity clientele with sheer luxury.

Still others are well-kept secrets; modest, inexpensive places like Nate & Al’s Deli or Patrick’s Roadhouse, where the stars go simply because they like the food (or the company).

Here is a list of some of the places where the stars hang out, complete with addresses, names of the celebrity regulars and interactive online maps for your convenience:

Former Celebrity Restaurants

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