Where the Stars are Buried - Index
(alphabetized by name)



Norma Talmadge ---------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Sharon Tate ------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Elizabeth Taylor -------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Robert Taylor ----------------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (private)

Vic Tayback ("Mel") ----------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

William Desmond Taylor -------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

(Shirley Temple --------------- Alta Mesa Memorial Park, Palo Alto, CA.)

Mel Torme --------------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Spencer Tracy ----------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

(Alex Trebek ------------------ cremated.)

Forrest Tucker ---------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Ike Turner ------------------- cremated.)

(Lana Turner ------------------ cremated at McCormick Mortuary,
                                ashes scattered.)


(Robert Urich ----------------- cremated, ashes returned to his family.)


Richie Valens ----------------- San Fernando Mission Cemetery

Rudolph Valentino ------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Dick Van Patten --------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Eddie Van Halen -------------- cremated.)

(Vivian Vance ----------------- cremated.)

(Herve Villechaize ------------ cremated by Neptune Society, ashes
                                scattered off Point Fermin.)

(Jan-Michael Vincent ---------- cremated.)


(Jack Warden ------------------ cremated.)

Jack Warner ------------------- Home of Peace Memorial Park.

Irving Wallace ---------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

(Nancy Walker ----------------- cremated.)

Paul Walker ------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Ray Walston------------------- cremated at Pierce Bros Westwood,
                                ashes returned to family.)

Ethel Waters ------------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

John Wayne -------------------- Pacific View Memorial Park, in
                                Newport Beach (Orange County), CA.

(Dennis Weaver ---------------- cremated, ashes returned to family.)

Jack Webb --------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Clifton Webb ------------------ Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Lawrence Welk ----------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Betty White ------------------ cremated.)

(Barry White ------------------ cremated, ashes scattered.)

(James Whitmore --------------- cremated.)

Cornel Wilde ------------------ Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Billy Wilder ------------------ Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

(Esther Williams -------------- cremated, ashes scattered at sea.)

(Guy Williams ----------------- cremated, ashes scattered off Malibu.)

Roger Williams ---------------- The Crystal Cathedral mausoleum, Orange, CA.

(Robin Williams --------------- cremated, ashes scattered off San Francisco.)

Carl Wilson (The Beach Boys) -- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Dick Wilson ("Mr. Whipple") --- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Flip Wilson ------------------ cremated.)

(Paul Winchell ---------------- cremated.)

Shelley Winters --------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

Natalie Wood ------------------ Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Jack Wrather ------------------ Holy Cross Cemetery.

Jane Wyatt--------------------- San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

Jane Wyman -------------------- Forest Lawn in Cathedral City (Palm Springs).

Ed Wynn & Keenan Wynn --------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (private) *


(Gig Young -------------------- cremated.)

Alan Young -------------------- buried at sea.

Robert Young ------------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

(Victor Sen Yung -------------- cremated at Forest Lawn Glendale.)


Darryl F. Zanuck -------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.


[Also see: Burials Outside of L.A.]

(An asterisk * means that the star was cremated, but that his or her ashes were buried
at the cemetery, with a regular headstone/marker, or are on display in a columbarium.)

("Private." means that the star is buried in a grave which is located behind locked doors, and is not physically accessible by the public. "Semi-private." means that the star's crypt is formally off-limits to the public, but that the only physical barrier is a decorative rope or chain.)

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