Where the Stars Are Buried - Index (A-B)



Where the Stars are Buried - Index
(alphabetized by name)



(Bud Abbott ------------------- cremated.)

Don Adams --------------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Eddie Albert ------------------ Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.*

Gracie Allen ------------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

Steve Allen ------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.*

(June Allyson ----------------- cremated, ashes returned to family.)

(Don Ameche ------------------- cremated.)

Leon Ames --------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.*

Morey Amsterdam --------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Harry Anderson --------------- cremated.)

(Dana Andrews ----------------- cremated, ashes returned to family.)

Michael Ansara ---------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Fatty Arbuckle --------------- cremated.)

Eve Arden --------------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.*

Richard Arlen ----------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Desi Arnaz ------------------- cremated near San Diego.)

James Arness ------------------ reportedly at Forest Lawn Glendale (Great Mausoleum).

(Bea Arthur ------------------- cremated.)

(Jean Arthur ------------------ cremated.)

Fred Astaire ------------------ Oakwood Memorial Park, Chatsworth.

Mary Astor -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Gene Autry -------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Lew Ayres --------------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.


Jim Backus -------------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

Lucille Ball ------------------ Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.* (former: 1989-2002)

Lucille Ball ------------------ Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, NY.* (current: 2002-)

Theda Bara -------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (semi-private)

Bob Barker (empty) ------------ Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Gene Barry -------------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

Lionel Barrymore -------------- Calvary Cemetery.

Richard Basehart -------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

Frank Baum -------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

(Hugh Beaumont ---------------- cremated, ashes scattered.)

Wallace Beery ----------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Bea Benaderet ----------------- Valhalla Memorial Park.

William Bendix ---------------- San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

Jack Benny -------------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

Edgar Bergen ------------------ Inglewood Park.

(Ingrid Bergman --------------- cremated.)

Busby Berkeley ---------------- Desert Memorial Park, near Palm Springs.

Milton Berle ------------------ Hillside Memorial Park.

Herschel Bernardi ------------- Mount Sinai Memorial Park.

(Ken Berry -------------------- cremated.)

Fred ("Rerun") Berry ---------- Forest Lawn Hollywood (unmarked).

(Jan Berry [of Jan & Dean] ---- cremated.)

(Carl Betz -------------------- cremated at Grandview.)

(Joey Bishop ------------------ cremated, buried at sea.)

(Bill Bixby ------------------- cremated at Forest Lawn Hollywood,
                                ashes scattered.)

(Amanda Blake ----------------- cremated, ashes scattered.)

Mel Blanc --------------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Joan Blondell ----------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.*

Humphrey Bogart --------------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (private) *

Ray Bolger -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Beulah Bondi ----------------- cremated at Pierce Brothers Westwood,
                                ashes scattered at sea.)

Sonny Bono -------------------- Desert Memorial Park, near Palm Springs.

Richard Boone ----------------- cremated, ashes scattered.

Ernest Borgnine --------------- cremated.

Tom Bosley -------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Clara Bow --------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Stephen Boyd ------------------ Oakwood Memorial Park, Chatsworth.

William Boyd ------------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.
("Hopalong Cassidy")

Charles Boyer ----------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Peter Boyle ------------------ cremated.)

L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley -------- Inglewood Park.

(Jonathan Brandis ------------- cremated.)

(Marlon Brando ---------------- cremated.)

Walter Brennan ---------------- San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

Fanny Brice ------------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.*

(Lloyd Bridges ---------------- cremated.)

(Roscoe Lee Browne ------------ cremated.)

Lenny Bruce ------------------- Eden Memorial Park.

Nigel Bruce ------------------- Chapel of the Pines, Los Angeles.*

Joe E. Brown ------------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

Kobe Bryant ------------------- Pacific View Memorial Park, Newport Beach (Orange County), CA.

Edgar Buchanan ---------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

"Buckwheat" (William Thomas)--- Inglewood Park.

"Smiley" Burnette ------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

George Burns ------------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

Francis X.Bushman ------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

(Red Buttons ------------------ cremated.)

Spring Byington --------------- body donated to medical science (at her request).


[Also see: Burials Outside of L.A.]

(An asterisk * means that the star was cremated, but that his or her ashes were buried
at the cemetery, with a regular headstone/marker, or are on display in a columbarium.)

("Private." means that the star is buried in a grave which is located behind locked doors, and is not physically accessible by the public. "Semi-private." means that the star's crypt is formally off-limits to the public, but that the only physical barrier is a decorative rope or chain.)

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