Where the Stars are Buried - Index
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Dan Dailey --------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Dorothy Dandridge ------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.*

Rodney Dangerfield ------------ Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

(Bobby Darin ------------------ body donated to science at UCLA.)

(Linda Darnell ---------------- cremated.)

Marion Davies ----------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Bette Davis ------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Brad Davis -------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Joan Davis -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Ossie Davis ------------------ cremated.)

Sammy Davis Jr.---------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Dennis Day -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Eddie Dean -------------------- Vallley Oaks Memorial Park.

(Yvonne De Carlo -------------- cremated.)

Sandra Dee -------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Don DeFore -------------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.*

(Dom Deluise ------------------ cremated.)

(Andy Devine ------------------ cremated.)

(Dustin Diamond --------------- cremated.)

(Phyllis Diller ---------------- cremated, ashes scattered at sea.)

Walt Disney ------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.*

Roy Disney -------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Brian Donlevy----------------- cremated at Grandview, ashes scattered at sea.)

(James 'Scotty' Doohan -------- cremated, ashes sent into space.)

Kirk Douglas ------------------ Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

(David Doyle ------------------ cremated.)

(Don Drysdale ----------------- cremated at Forest Lawn Glendale.)

(Howard Duff ------------------ cremated.)

(Andrew Duggan ---------------- cremated, ashes scattered on Lake Arrowhead.)

(Margaret Dumont -------------- cremated at Chapel of the Pines.)

Michael Clarke Duncan --------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills .

Irene Dunne ------------------- Calvary Cemetery.

Dominique Dunne --------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

Will & Ariel Durant ----------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

Jimmy Durante ----------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Dan Duryea -------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.


(Roger Ebert ------------------ cremated, ashes given to wife.)

(Buddy Ebsen ------------------ cremated, ashes scattered at sea.)

Nelson Eddy ------------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Ralph Edwards ----------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Vince Edwards ----------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Cass Elliot ------------------- Mount Sinai Memorial Park.

(Mike Evans ------------------- cremated.)


Max Factor -------------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

Douglas Fairbanks ------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.---------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Peter Falk -------------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

Farrah Fawcett ---------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

(Alice Faye ------------------- cremated - ashes at Forest Lawn Cathedral City,
                                in Palms Springs.)

Marty Feldman ----------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(George Fenneman -------------- cremated.)

(Mel Ferrer ------------------- cremated. Ashes buried at his ranch in Carpenteria.)

W.C. Fields ------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (private)*

Peter Finch ------------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Larry Fine -------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Carrie Fisher ----------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Ella Fitzgerald --------------- Inglewood Park Cemetery.

Victor Fleming ---------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Errol Flynn ------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Joe Flynn --------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Henry Fonda ------------------ cremated at Westwood Village Mort.)

Glenn Ford -------------------- Woodlawn Memorial Mausoleum,
                                in Santa Monica.

Paul Ford --------------------- Forest Lawn Cypress.

Helen Forrest ----------------- Mount Sinai Memorial Park.

John Forsythe ----------------- Oak Hill Cemetery, Ballard, CA.

(James Franciscus ------------- cremated.)

(Anthony (Tony) Franciosa ----- cremated, ashes returned to family.)

Bonnie Franklin --------------- Mount Sinai Memorial Park.

Mary Frann -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Victor French ---------------- cremated, ashes buried at sea
                                off Long Beach, CA.)

William Frawley --------------- San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

(Annette Funicello ------------ cremated.)


[Also see: Burials Outside of L.A.]

(An asterisk * means that the star was cremated, but that his or her ashes were buried
at the cemetery, with a regular headstone/marker, or are on display in a columbarium.)

("Private." means that the star is buried in a grave which is located behind locked doors, and is not physically accessible by the public. "Semi-private." means that the star's crypt is formally off-limits to the public, but that the only physical barrier is a decorative rope or chain.)

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