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(Meredith MacRae -------------- cremated.)

Jeanette MacDonald ------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

Harriet MacGibbon ------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.
("Mrs. Drysdale")

Fred MacMurray ---------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Guy Madison ------------------- Desert Memorial Park, Palms Springs.

(John Mahoney ----------------- cremated.)

Karl Malden ------------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Marjorie Main ----------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Jayne Mansfield --------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Garry Marshall ---------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Penny Marshall ---------------- cremated.)

Dean Martin ------------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Dean Martin Jr. --------------- Los Angeles National (military) Cemetery.

(Dick Martin ------------------ cremated.)

June Marlowe ------------------ entombed in the mausoleum below the new
                                Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, in downtown L.A.

Groucho (Julius) Marx --------- Eden Memorial Park.

Chico Marx -------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Gummo Marx -------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

(Harpo Marx ------------------- cremated.)

(Raymond Massey --------------- cremated at Chapel of the Pines.)

Walter Matthau ---------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Louis B. Mayer ---------------- Home of Peace Memorial Park.

Ken Maynard ------------------- Forest Lawn Cypress.

Virginia Mayo ----------------- Valley Oaks Memorial Park,
                                in Westlake Village.

(Rue McClanahan --------------- cremated.)

(Joel McCrea ------------------ cremated, ashes returned to family.)

(Meridith McCrae -------------- cremated, ashes scattered at sea.)

Doug McClure ------------------ Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery.

Hattie McDaniel --------------- Rosedale Cemetery.

(Roddy McDowall --------------- cremated, ashes scattered at sea.)

(Patrick McGoohan ------------- cremated.)

(Ed McMahon ------------------- cremated at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.)

Darren McGavin ---------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

(Butterfly McQueen ------------ body donated for medical research.)

(Steve McQueen ---------------- cremated.)

Aimee Semple McPherson -------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

(Henry Mancini ---------------- cremated at Forest Lawn Glendale.)

Audrey Meadows ---------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Adolphe Menjou ---------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

(Burgess Meredith ------------- cremated.)

(Ethel Merman ----------------- cremated in New York.)

(Ray Milland ------------------ cremated at Pacific Crest,
                                in Redondo Beach

Ann Miller -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Mary Miles Minter ------------ cremated, ashes scattered at sea.)

John Mills -------------------- Saint Mary's Churchyard, Denham, England.

Cameron Mitchell -------------- Desert Memorial Park, near Palm Springs, CA.
(Scoey Mitchell
--------------- cremated.)

(Robert Mitchum --------------- cremated, ashes scattered at sea.)

Tom Mix ----------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Marilyn Monroe ---------------- Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park.

Monty Montana ----------------- Oakwood Memorial Park.

Ricardo Montalban ------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

(Corey Monteith --------------- cremated.)

(Elizabeth Montgomery --------- cremated at Pierce Brothers Westwood.)

(Robert Montgomery ------------ cremated, ashes returned to family.)

(Cory Monteith ---------------- cremated, ashes scattered.)

Alvy ("Hank Kimball") Moore --- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Clayton Moore ----------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.
 ('The Lone Ranger')

(Harry Morgan ----------------- cremated.)

Vic Morrow -------------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

(Richard Mulligan ------------- cremated, ashes returned to family.)

Paul Muni --------------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Brittany Murphy --------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(George Murphy ---------------- cremated, ashes scattered.)

Jan Murray -------------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

Jim Murray -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Burt Mustin ------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.


[Also see: Burials Outside of L.A.]

(An asterisk * means that the star was cremated, but that his or her ashes were buried
at the cemetery, with a regular headstone/marker, or are on display in a columbarium.)

("Private." means that the star is buried in a grave which is located behind locked doors, and is not physically accessible by the public. "Semi-private." means that the star's crypt is formally off-limits to the public, but that the only physical barrier is a decorative rope or chain.)

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