Where the Stars are Buried - Index
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Clark Gable ------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (semi-private)

Eva Gabor --------------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.*

(Zsa Zsa Gabor ---------------- cremated, ashes returned to her husband)

(Juan Gabriel ----------------- cremated.)

Gandhi ------------------------ The Self-Realization Lake & Shrine.*

(James Gandolfini ------------- cremated.)

(Greta Garbo ------------------ cremated.)

(Jerry Garcia ----------------- cremated.)

(Beverly Garland -------------- cremated.)

Judy Garland ------------------ Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

(James Garner ----------------- cremated.)

Marvin Gaye ------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.*

Janet Gaynor ------------------ Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

(Will Geer -------------------- cremated by Neptune Society.)

Christopher George ------------ Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

"Gorgeous George" (Wagner) ---- Valhalla Memorial Park.

(Alice Ghostley --------------- cremated.)

Andy Gibb --------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Maurice Gibb ----------------- cremated at Fort Lauderdale FL.)

Hoot Gibson ------------------- Inglewood Park.

John Gilbert ------------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

Ron Goldman ------------------- Valley Oaks Memorial Park.

(Gale Gordon ------------------ cremated, ashes scattered.)

(Ruth Gordon ------------------ cremated.)

(Robert Goulet ---------------- cremated.)

(Harold Gould ----------------- cremated.)

Betty Grable ------------------ Inglewood Park. *

(Stewart Granger -------------- cremated at Gates, Kingsley & Gates.)

(Cary Grant ------------------- cremated.)

Bonita Granville -------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Sid Grauman ------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (semi-private)

(Kathryn Grayson -------------- cremated.)

Lorne Greene ------------------ Hillside Memorial Park.

Sydney Greenstreet ------------ Forest Lawn Glendale.

Merv Griffin ------------------ Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

(Edmund Gwenn ----------------- cremated at Chapel of the Pines.)


Joan Hackett ------------------ Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

(Larry Hagman ----------------- cremated, ashes scattered at Dallas ranch.)

(Albert Hague ----------------- cremated, ashes returned to family.)

(Alan Hale, Jr. --------------- cremated - ashes scattered at sea.)

Jack Haley -------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Jon Hall ---------------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

(Huntz Hall ------------------- cremated - ashes returned to family.)

Monty Hall -------------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

Oliver Hardy ------------------ Valhalla Memorial Park.

Jean Harlow ------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale. (semi-private)

Jonathan Harris --------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

Phil Harris ------------------- cremated - ashes at Desert Memorial
                                Park, in Palms Springs.

(Richard Harris --------------- cremated - ashes scattered in the Bahamas.)

(George Harrison -------------- cremated by Hollywood Forever Cemetery,
                                ashes scattered in Ganges River in India.)

(Rex Harrison ----------------- cremated.)

(Phil Hartman ----------------- cremated, ashes scattered in Emerald
                                Bay, off Santa Catalina Island, CA.)

Bobby Hatfield (Righteous Bros)---- Pacific View Memorial Park.

"Gabby" Hayes ----------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Rita Hayworth ----------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Edith Head -------------------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Chick Hearn ------------------- Holy Cross Cemetery.

Hugh Hefner ------------------- Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

(Shirley Hemphill ------------- cremated at Forest Lawn-Covina.)

Wanda Hendrix ----------------- Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Woody Herman ------------------ Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Horace Heidt ------------------ Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Florence Henderson ------------ Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.

Paul Henreid ------------------ Woodlawn Memorial, in Santa Monica.

Charlton Heston --------------- cremated. Ashes interred at St. Matthew’s Episcopal
                                Church (columbarium), in Pacific Palisades, CA.

(Dana Hill -------------------- cremated, ashes returned to sister.)

Connie Hines ------------------ Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial.
                                (Cremated, ashes scattered in rose garden.)

(Alfred Hitchcock ------------- cremated, ashes scattered.)

(William Holden --------------- cremated by Neptune Society.)

Darla ("Our Gang") Hood ------- Hollywood Memorial Park Cemetery.

Bob Hope ---------------------- The San Fernando Mission, CA.

Edward Everett Horton --------- Forest Lawn Glendale.

Jerome (Curly) Howard --------- Home of Peace Memorial Park.

Moe Howard -------------------- Hillside Memorial Park.

Shemp Howard ------------------ Home of Peace Memorial Park.

(Rock Hudson ------------------ cremated by Pierce-Hancock-Reed.)

John Huston ------------------- Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

(Walter Huston ---------------- cremated at Chapel of the Pines.)

Betty Hutton ------------------ Forest Lawn Cathedral City, near Palms Springs.

(Jim Hutton ------------------- cremated at Grandview.)


[Also see: Burials Outside of L.A.]

(An asterisk * means that the star was cremated, but that his or her ashes were buried
at the cemetery, with a regular headstone/marker, or are on display in a columbarium.)

("Private." means that the star is buried in a grave which is located behind locked doors, and is not physically accessible by the public. "Semi-private." means that the star's crypt is formally off-limits to the public, but that the only physical barrier is a decorative rope or chain.)

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