Where in Hollywood you can find:
Alec Baldwin

Where He Has Lived:

Stars' Addresses

Where He Has Been Spotted Around Town:
Movie Premieres
(Cats & Dogs)

(Final Fantasy)

The Forum / Staples Center

Book Soup


The Academy Awards

The Golden Globes

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Opening Nights at the Theatre

Tonight Show Tapings

The Moving Picture Ball

Restaurants Where He's Been Seen:

Dan Tana's

Spago Beverly Hills



Places Where He Has Made Movies:
Pearl Harbor Locations
(Actual locations & addresses where the movie "Pearl Harbor" was filmed.)

Studios Where He Made Movies:
Disney Studios ("Pearl Harbor," "The Marrying Man")

Warner Bros Studios ("Beetlejuice")

Paramount Studios ("The Hunt for Red October")

20th Century Fox ("The Getaway," "Working Girl," "Prelude to a Kiss")

Universal Studios ("The Shadow")

Sony Studios/Columbia ("The Juror," "Malice")

Where He's Been Immortalized: Planet Hollywood Wall of Fame

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