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The Pier.

The Pier Diner.

The Harbor School.

Summer's House.

The Yacht Club.

The Bait Shop.

The School Carnival & the Ferris Wheel.

The Final Scene.

Julie & Caleb's Wedding Chapel.

The Balboa Lighthouse restaurant.

The Studio.

The Newport Pier Plaza.

Johnny's House.

Johnny's Surfing Beach.

Johnny's death scene.

The Groundhog Day Park.

Lindsay's house.

Chili's Beach House.

Sandy Cohen's office on the beach.

The Redondo Pier Map.

Alex's Apartment.

The Balboa Bakery.

Summer's Christmas Tree Lot.

Kaitlin's Boarding School.

The Breakwater restaurant.

The Marina.

El Pavo Guapo.

Seth's Comic Book Store.

The Baseball Diamond.

The Newport Group building.

The Tennis Courts.

The School Soccer Field.

The Chino Juvenile Detention Center.

Carter Buckley's Apartment.

Trey's Apartment.

Redondo Beach.

Old Tony's.

The Dance Rehearsal.

Trey's post-prison shack in "Chino".

Redondo Pier Plaza Map.

Redondo Marina Map.

Hanging Taco.

The Beachside walkway.

Donnie's Long Beach Party House.

The Hermosa Pier.

Kirsten's drunk-driving traffic accident.

Ryan's "Chino" House with Theresa.

The Paradise Hotel.

The "Chino" Auto Yard/Tire Shop.

The Inn at Playa Del Rey.

The Lonely (Earthquake) Road.

Taylor's TV Studio.

Al Forno restaurant.

Seattle Hospital Cafeteria.

Big-H Bail Bonds.

Trey's Bus Station.

The Mall Parking Lot.

"South Coast Plaza" Parking Garage.

Ryan's Mom's Diner.

The Ensenada Gas Station.

The Ensenada Bar.

Leonardo's Cantina in Ensenada.

Ensenada Bakery.

The Pacific Sands Motel.

Bullit's Airport / Ping pong room.

Ryan/Sandy Beach Parking Lot.

Theresa's Family Planning Clinic.

The Pink Motel.


The Cohen house.

The Pool House.

Marissa Cooper's house.

Caleb & Julie's mansion.

The Mermaid Inn.

The Golf Course.

The Model House.

The Car Theft Scene in "Chino".

The Atwood house in "Chino".

Holly's Beach House.

The Crab Shack.

The Berkeley House.

"Brown University".

Julie's Condo.

The Trailer Park.

Newport Union High School.

Marissa's Death Scene.

The Beach.

The Lifeguard Tower.

Trey's Clothing Store.

The Sea Sprite Motel.

The Pelican Cove Gates.

The Cotillion / The Country Club.

Dock where Seth keeps his boat (Summer Breeze).

Julie's Engagement Shower garden.

Caleb's funeral church.

The Suriak Center rehab clinic.

Luke's near-fatal Traffic Accident scene.

The Newport Fashion Show.

Palos Verdes.

The Surfing Contest.

Volchok's Motel.

Seth & Summer's Farewell.

The Homeless Encampment.

"U.C. Berkeley."

The Secluded Sailing Cove.

Valentines Day Beach Party.

The "New" Newport house.

Luna-Chicks club.

"The Four Seasons" hotel.

The Walk of Fame.

The Capitol Records Building & parking lot.

Sinatra mural.

The La Crescenta Hotel.

The Pawn Shop.

Variety Liquor.

Palm Springs Golf Course.

Theresa's family home in "Chino".

Theresa's Chino house with Eddie.

The "Risky Business" Egg House.

Summer's Protest.

The Mini-Mart/Liquor Store Robbery.

The Strip Club.

Jimmy's Boat dock.

Caleb's yacht.

Luke's Dad's place in Portland.

"The Valley" Beach & skyline.

The Toledo Grill.

The Belmont Pier.

The Movie Theatre.

Ryan's Fishing Boats.

Jimmy's Boat Dock (third season).

The Desert / UFO Gas Station.

The Desert ("Indio") Motel.

The Desert Diner.

The Mall interior.

The Bus Stop.

El Royale Motel in "Ensenada".

plus: SPECIAL: Real Dining in "The O.C." / The Restaurants.


Sorted By Episode - Sorted By Category - Sorted By Geographical Location - Clickable Map of All O.C. Locations